Preseli Hills walks

Preseli Hills walks

There are so many walks in the Preseli Hills that you’re almost certain to find something to suit you.

Short walks, long walks, summit walks and ridge walks.  Something for everyone. 

We’ve written detailed posts on all of the ones below but this is a summary of what to expect from Preseli Hills walks.

Foel Cwmcerwyn

Foel Cwmcerwyn is the highest mountain in the Preseli Hills and, indeed, the whole of West Wales.  Because of that, 360 degree views are a given here.

On a good day you can see as far as Snowdonia, Ireland and Lundy as well as almost the whole of Pembrokeshire and Rhossili in the Gower.

With an elevation gain of around 300 metres in around 2 miles, the walk to the summit is not the easiest.  But, as there’s nowhere higher for miles, it’s totally worth it. 

Foel Eryr

At less than a mile long, the walk to Foel Eryr is the shortest in the Preseli Hills that we know of.  And we live here!

In fact, it’s probably the easiest walk to any summit we know of.  And the reward to effort ratio one of the very best.  

If you’re after fantastic views, without having to work too hard for it, this is probably the best of the Preseli Hills walks for you.

Foel Drygarn

Translated roughly as hill of three cairns, that’s exactly what you get at Foel Drygarn.  Plus a trig point.  And who doesn’t like a trig point selfie?

It’s not a long hike but, for us, that’s the beauty of it.  Only around 35 mins and a mile and a half of walking.  But for that you get one of the most interesting places in the Preseli Hills.

There’s a huge amount of ancient history going back at least a few thousand years to the Bronze Age, and you can have a lot of fun exploring some incredible rock formations. 

For such a short summit walk there are some great views to be had, including almost the entire length of the Golden Road.  Talking of which ….

The Preseli Hills Golden Road walk

Dating back to around 3,000 BC, the Golden Road is a ridge hike across the entire range of the Preseli Hills.  At 7 miles long it’s about as far as you can walk in these mountains.

It’s also believed to be where the Bluestones at Stonehenge came from and you’ll see plenty of them on this walk.  It’s possible that the stones were transported 4,000 years ago, but how is still a bit of a mystery.

Archaeologists aren’t totally sure about the purpose of the Golden Road or exactly how old it is.  But there is no doubt it’s of huge historical importance.

Some think it was part of a trade route to transport gold from the Wicklow mountains through to Wessex.  And we can see how that would make sense.  Maybe that’s where the name came from.  And you can see the Wicklow mountains from here on a good day, with the Golden Road lining up almost in a straight line with them.

The Preseli Hills Crash Site

The Preseli Hills Crash Site is where, sadly, the crew of a World War II aeroplane came down during a night flight in 1944. 

Near to Carn Bica it’s not easy to find but if this part of history interests you then this may be the pick of the Preseli Hills walks for you.

The Gwaun Valley waterfall walk

On the lower reaches of the Preseli Hills water runs down, and falls here, into the river Gwaun on it’s way to the sea at Fishguard.

The Gwaun Valley waterfall walk is short, pleasant and fairly easy.  And there’s a waterfall!  What’s not to like?

Probably better when it’s been or is wet, it’s not easy to find which is one of the reasons we wrote about it.

Thoughts on Preseli Hills walks

Mysterious and brooding, the Preseli Hills walks are often overlooked by visitors to Pembrokeshire more keen to be by the coast.   And we totally understand that.  We’re big fans ourselves.  But with it’s ancient history and incredible views this really is an amazing place to walk.

More Information on Preseli Hills walks

There are no facilities here so be prepared.  The nearby village of Maenclochog has:

  • Public Conveniences
  • A well stocked shop
  • Petrol Stations, and
  • A really good Cafe

In Rosebush there is a Public House serving lunch and dinner.

As well as these Preseli Hills Walks there are plenty of other walks in Pembrokeshire.

If you are visiting Pembrokeshire now or in the near future please be aware that social distancing rules still apply in Wales.  Please keep yourselves and others safe.

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  1. Amazing! I love how to collated this into one big post on Preseli Hills Walks! I know what I’ll be referring to when I finally finally finally finally make it to Wales and endeavor to do 100% of these walks. (plus the ones with waterfalls) 😉

  2. What beautiful walks! The views and terrain are quite stunning and such a great way to get out for some exercise in nature. 😁

  3. Totally excellent round up. Makes me want to swim the Irish Sea and get walking. You’ve made 2020 a year of wanderlusting Welsh walking.

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