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If you’re planning a visit to Tokyo DisneySea you’ll want to know about the Tokyo DisneySea rides and attractions.  Hopefully this guide will help you plan what to do and when. 

As the name suggests, the theme of the park is the sea.  Centred around the large lagoon, one of the big attractions is the park itself.  Because it’s unique to Tokyo it’s so different to any of the others.  You can spend plenty of time just wandering around marvelling at the scenery.  But you’ll also want to do some of these things.  

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Located inside Mount Prometheus, it starts with a gentle ride through crystal caves building up to a journey through the heart of a volcano.  It ends in fast and exhilarating style with maximum speeds of 76 kmph!  From the queue to the exciting climax this ride is spectacular!

One of the big ones at Tokyo DisneySea, it’s worth heading straight for it first thing in the morning.  We had no problem getting on it this way.  In fact we were able to do it 3 times in a row with use of a FastPass. 

Location  Mysterious Island

Dive to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

20000 leagues under the sea Tokyo Disneysea rides & attractions

Board a sea rover and travel to the depths on this dark ride.  With room for 6 people there is quite a lot to see.  So much, in fact, you won’t on just one ride. 

This is quite a popular ride but queues are often short.  It’s worth jumping in one if it’s less than 20 minutes.  We did it straight after Journey, first thing in the morning when the queue was 10 minutes. 

Location  Mysterious Island

Arabian Coast

We consider this an attraction because it’s a beautiful place with incredible scenery and design.  In Agrabah Marketplace you’ll be amazed by the magic tricks and may even be hypnotized into buying a couple!  

Location  Arabian Coast

Caravan Carousel

Ride the Caravan Carousel which has two levels!  Just to be bigger and better!  It is set in a beautiful temple type building and has the usual dancing horses and Disney characters.  Queues for this are never very long.

Location  Arabian Coast

The Magic Lamp Theater

Exclusive to Tokyo Disney this is a 3D movie with live stage show.  The language is Japanese so you may miss all the story and jokes if you don’t use the available close caption devices.  Great for a sit down, shelter from the rain or a cool down in hot weather.  Although you can use a FastPass for this there really is no need.  You should have no problem getting in to see this. 

Location  Arabian Coast

Toy Story Mania

Toy Story mania queue Tokyo Disneysea rides & attractions

Right off the bat, we’re going to tell you that the chances of you getting on this ride are really quite slim.  We pretty much ran here after park opening (and we got to the park 30 minutes before it opened) and found the queue for FastPasses at 1 hour and 40 minutes.  It’s hugely popular here so if you really want to do it you need to be getting to the park entrance an hour before opening.

Toy Story Mania is a big favourite of ours but we were not prepared to give up so much of our time especially as we’ve done it a quite a lot in Florida.  And it is an exact copy of the one in Florida.  So if you’ve done this before it may be worth considering giving it a miss here.

Location  American Waterfront

Tower of Terror

One of the most popular rides, Tower of Terror, is for braver mortals than us!  It’s a free fall high thrill ride in the dark and slightly different to the American versions.  FastPasses run out quickly.

Location  American Waterfront

DisneySea Electric Railway

Linking Port Discovery to the American Waterfront this is an enjoyable and relaxing ride which offers great views of the park.  This runs on a loop and queues are usually relatively short.   

Location  Port Discovery/American Waterfront 

Port Discovery

Port Discovery Tokyo Disneysea rides & attractions

This is a large area, dedicated to two large, popular water rides, Nemo and friends and Aquatopia.

Nemo and Friends SeaRider

As this ride is quite new it’s really popular and queues were long.  Quite a tame ride we didn’t think it was worth the wait.

Location  Port Discovery


Aquatopia is a trackless ride giving the illusion of being on a hover craft in deep waters (whilst the water is only 2 inches deep).  It’s particularly pretty here in the night but perhaps not a priority ride.

Location  Port Discovery

Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull

It’s pretty dark inside this big thrill ride through the Temple of the Crystal Skull.  Full of noise it’s similar to the American Versions.  It’s also very popular so if you want to do it make it a priority first thing in the morning.  If you can’t then it may well be worth using the single rider line which is usually immeasurably shorter than the standard queue.

Location  Lost River Delta

Raging Spirits

A high speed roller coaster with a 360 degree loop through ancient ruins, this was probably our favourite ride.  We’ve done it at least half a dozen times on each of our visits.

Location  Lost River Delta      

Venetian Gondolas

You can ride around the canals of the Mediterranean Harbor to take in the views of this quiet and relaxing area of the park.  The Mediterranean Harbor is beautiful, especially at night, and is an attraction in itself even if you don’t get to ride a gondola.  

Queues are shortest in the morning but we think you’ll have other priorities.  The temptation would be to do this last thing at night but everybody has the same idea!

Location  Mediterranean Harbor

More Info

We visited Tokyo DisneySea in April, timed to avoid Golden week.  Our visit coincided with Easter and the parks were quite busy then but not elbows out!  We aimed to get to the parks about half an hour before opening and even then we queued.

Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland do have the FastPass system but it wasn’t the same as in Walt Disney World in Florida.  We couldn’t book them online and there was no app but we believe this is being changed.  We were able to get paper FastPasses at the FastPass machines.  These give a return time for FastPass entry to the ride where you get to skip the queue.  Each person must have one if they are to use the FastPass entry.  Immediately after that FastPass is used you become eligible for a new FastPass.  You can also take advantage of the single-rider lines which tend to be much shorter than the standard lines.  

We found the Cast members to be very friendly and polite and this enhanced our experience of the parks.  Be sure to tell a Cast Member if it’s your first visit and they will give you a sticker to remind you of your first time.

Planning your trip to Tokyo DisneySea

If you’re thinking of visiting Tokyo DisneySea check out our Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo pages.  They cover how to get there, where to stay, tickets, food, drink and money.

You’ll be in the park for a long time so be sure to check out our post on Tokyo DisneySea Food


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