Tokyo Disneyland Rides & Attractions

Tokyo Disneyland rides & attractions it's a small world

If you’re planning a visit to Tokyo Disneyland you’ll want to know about the Tokyo Disneyland rides and attractions.  Hopefully this guide will help you plan what to do and when. 

The layout of Tokyo Disneyland is very similar to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida.  In the centre of it proudly stands Cinderella’s Castle.

Cinderella's Castle

The centre piece of the park, this is well worth a visit.  By day and by night. Outside and…… 

….in.  It was quiet when we visited and there are some great views but we wouldn’t queue for this. 

Location  Fantasyland

Tokyo Disneyland rides & attractions Behind cinderellas castle

Behind Cinderella’s Castle, there are lots of nooks and crannies to explore.

Location  Fantasyland

Castle Carousel

Tokyo Disneyland rides & attractions Carousel at night

Not much to say about this as a ride but it is nice to look at. Especially at night! 

Location  Fantasyland 

Star Tours

This ride is almost identical to the US versions although the queue is different.  It’s essentially a flight simulator with quite a bit of motion whilst a storyline unfolds on a screen in front of you. There are over 60 versions of this ride so the chances are you’ll get a different experience if you ride it more than once.  And we did!  We’re all big fans of Star Tours.  We often found the queue under 20 minutes.  

Location  Tomorrowland

Space Mountain

Tokyo Disneyland rides & attractions space mountain

Again, similar to the Walt Disney World version this is an indoor roller coaster in the dark.  And we mean dark.  A lot of the time you can’t see where you’re going.  Or even your hands in front of you.  But that just adds to the fun and hilarity.  Wild screams come involuntarily!  We rode this several times and although we did get FastPasses we sometimes found the queue at 20 minutes or less.

Location  Tomorrowland

Monsters, Inc. Ride and Go Seek!

Apparently this is the most popular of all the Tokyo Disneyland rides & attractions.  It’s a gentle interactive ride where you use a torch to find the monsters.  We have to be honest but we weren’t huge fans.  Maybe it was the hype or maybe we just didn’t get it.  For this reason we only did it once but suspect younger children would enjoy it.  

Location  Tomorrowland

Splash Mountain

Similar to the one in Florida this is a popular ride with incredible scenery and views over the park.  It’s worth it just for that alone.  This was one of our favourite rides.  Some of us enjoyed Splash Mountain so much that we rode it on a loop taking advantage of the Single Rider lines.  We also got to ride this late into the night until the Cast Members were riding with us to make sure the ride could be closed!  

Location  Critter Country 

Big Thunder Mountain

We absolutely love this runaway mine train ride.  Similar to the one in the Magic Kingdom in Florida it’s one of our all time favourites.  The queue is an attraction in itself with some incredibly detailed mine related touches and paraphernalia. You also get great views of the ride itself while you’re waiting and great views over the park whilst riding.  You can ride Big Thunder Mountain multiple times in a row with careful use of FastPasses.  Get here early and if you see the lines at 20 minutes or less it’s definitely worth getting in it.  

Location  Westernland

It’s a Small World

This is a must do for us.  It takes us back to those early visits to Walt Disney World when to some of us the world was big and we were small.  It’s a very gentle boat ride with almost non existent queues.  A great way to relax for a while and enjoy the scenery.  The ride had recently been refurbished when we did it and we were one of the first to try it.  It’ll be a while before you get that song out of your head!

Location  Fantasyland

Peter Pan’s Flight

Tokyo Disneyland rides & attractions peter pan's flight at night

A tame ride for the youngsters you appear to fly on a pirate ship from London to Neverland.  This classic Disney ride is worth visiting if the lines are short.

Location Fantasyland       

Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters

The same as in the other Disney parks this is an interactive ride where you sit in a car and use a laser gun to shoot Buzz Lightyear’s enemies. It’s quite good fun and worth doing if queues are short. It also provides an alternative if you can’t get on to Toy Story Mania in DisneySea.  

Location  Tomorrowland

Mark Twain Riverboat

This steamboat takes you on a gentle and relaxing cruise around Tom Sawyer’s island.  It’s particularly pretty when the sun goes down and the boat lights up.  Note that this is a ride which can be adversely affected by high winds and is sometimes cancelled at short notice.

Location  Westernland

Western River Railroad

Tokyo Disneyland rides & attractions western river railroad

In Tokyo Disneyland the steam train, takes you from Adventureland, around Westernland and Critter Country and back to Adventureland.  It’s a great chance to sit down for a few minutes and recharge the batteries.  The Westernland scenery dotted along its route make this well worth doing at any time.

Location  Adventureland


All Disney Parades are great to see.  In Tokyo Disneyland people start sitting on the route hours before the Parade is due to start.  This can be a great time to find shorter queues on some of the rides.  We prefer to see if we can catch a glimpse of the Parade if it fits in with what we’re doing.

Location  Various      

Mickey's Philharmagic

Tokyo Disneyland rides & attractions mickey's philarmagic

This is a 3D film featuring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.  It is well worth visiting if you haven’t before and it has many surprises in store.  This is a great one for the little ones as there are no age or height restrictions.  Note that the narration is in Japanese and other than that it’s exactly the same as the WDW version so don’t feel you have to do this.

Location  Fantasyland

Snow White’s Adventures

Tokyo Disneyland rides & attractions snow white's adventures

This is a ride which we decided to do as the lines were fairly short.  Some young children may find it a little scary and dark.

Location  Fantasyland

Pooh’s Honey Hunt

A very popular attraction at Tokyo Disneyland and for some it is a must do ride.  It is a trackless ride in which you sit in a honey pot.  The trackless system makes for unique experiences every time.  It’s great for young visitors and seems to be least crowded later in the day.

Location  Fantasyland

More Info

We visited Tokyo Disneyland in April, timed to avoid Golden week.  Our visit coincided with Easter and the parks were quite busy then but not elbows out!  We aimed to get to the parks about half an hour before opening and even then we queued.

Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea do have the FastPass system but it wasn’t the same as in Walt Disney World in Florida.  We couldn’t book them online and there was no app but we believe this is being changed.  We were able to get paper FastPasses at the FastPass machines.  These give a return time for FastPass entry to the ride where you get to skip the queue.  Each person must have one if they are to use the FastPass entry.  Immediately after that FastPass is used you become eligible for a new FastPass.  You can also take advantage of the single-rider lines which tend to be much shorter than the standard lines.

We found the Cast members to be very friendly and polite and this enhanced our experience of the parks.  Be sure to tell a Cast Member if it’s your first visit and they will give you a sticker to remind you of your first time.

Planning your trip to Tokyo Disneyland

If you’re thinking of visiting Tokyo Disneyland check out our Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo pages.  They cover how to get there, where to stay, tickets, food, drink and money.

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  1. Ah Disneyland at in Tokyo looks like so much fun! I would love to ride the Splash Mountain Ride and also the Monsters Inc one too!

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