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If you’re planning a visit to Tokyo Disneyland you’ll want to know about the Tokyo Disneyland food.  You’ll be in the park for a long time so you’ll need to eat.  And drink.  Luckily Tokyo Disneyland Food and drink is fantastic.  And there’s plenty of it.  In fact we saw the food and drink as a big attraction in itself.

We found absolutely no problem at all finding things to eat and drink in Tokyo Disneyland and enjoyed everything we tried.  Pretty much all of it was good value for money, especially when compared to the Florida Disney Parks.  There are table service and counter service restaurants as well as plenty of places to pick up a snack.  Here’s what we found out about Tokyo Disneyland food    


There’s every flavour we could imagine here.  And some we couldn’t!  For those massive popcorn fans amongst us, the parks in Tokyo are like a kind of heaven.  If you like popcorn you will love it here.  There are so many different varieties to try.  Barbecue, Caramel, Curry, Black Pepper, Milk Chocolate, Honey, Soy Sauce and Butter and Salt.  We made it a mission to sample them all. 

Location: Everywhere  Costs: Popcorn Y350 (~£2.50)

Grandma Sara's Kitchen

We loved this place and the photos we took do not do it justice.  This is partly because it was quite dark inside.  But we liked that about it.  The ambiance was great.  Very quiet and relaxing.  A real contrast to the park.

We had cheesecake and Critter Cake and both were really good   They also serve hot and cold drinks.  We found this a great spot to change pace and chill out.  It was so quiet and peaceful here we found ourselves away from almost everyone.  One of us actually fell asleep in here one afternoon! 

Location: Critter County Costs: Cheesecake Y450 (~£3.15)  Critter Cake Y460 (~£3.22)

Camp Woodchuck Kitchen

We found Camp Woodchuck Kitchen a good choice for lunch.  The turkey leg meal (with fries and a drink) was pretty good.  This Hot Ginger Lemonade tasted far better than it looked in the photograph.  It was reasonably quiet in here and we had no problem getting a table.

Location: Westernland    Costs: Turkey leg meal Y1080 (~£7.50).

Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall

This is a really popular restaurant and, not surprisingly, was extremely busy.  The chances are that you will have to queue here but it is worth it.  The setting is pretty incredible but despite it’s popularity we found no problem getting a table.  In a booth!  The food was very good and extremely reasonable in terms of price.  Especially for a themed restaurant.  In Disney! 

We sort of expected the food not to be the main attraction here.  But we were very pleasantly surprised.  We’re guessing most people come here for the ambience, the décor and the experience.  But the food here was on a par with anything we ate in the Tokyo parks.

Location: Fantasyland     Costs: 2 meals, 2 chocolate cakes, 1 cheesecake, 2 drinks Y4770 (~£33)

The Gazebo

We really liked this place for the snacks which were much tastier than they look in these photos!

Location: Adventureland       Costs: Chilli or Seafood Chowder in a Bread Cone Y490(£3.30) 

Pecos Bill Cafe

These Rice Rolls from Pecos Bill were worth trying but didn’t blow us away.

Location: Westernland      Costs: Y500 (£3.50)

Sweetheart Cafe

This was one of our favourite eateries in Tokyo Disneyland.  The cakes were out of this world and we stopped by most evenings before leaving the park just because we could.  You know, cakes.  Everything we had here was delicious and again, we found this place to offer incredible value.  

Location:  World Bazaar             Costs:  Cakes were around Y270 (less than £2 each!).

There are loads of other places to eat Tokyo Disneyland food but we couldn’t get around them all!  There are also some great places to eat in Tokyo DisneySea. 

Planning your trip to Tokyo Disneyland

If you’re thinking of visiting Tokyo Disneyland check out our Tokyo Disneyland page or our Tokyo pages.  They cover how to get there, where to stay, what to do, food, drink and money.

Thoughts on Tokyo Disneyland Food

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