Tokyo DisneySea Food

Food in Tokyo DisneySea

If you’re planning to visit Tokyo DisneySea you’ll want to know about Tokyo DisneySea food.  You’ll be in the park for a long time so you’ll need to eat.  And drink.  Luckily Tokyo DisneySea Food is fantastic.  And there’s plenty of it.  In fact we saw the food and drink as a big attraction in itself.

We found absolutely no problem at all finding things to eat and drink in Tokyo DisneySea and enjoyed everything we tried.  Pretty much all of it was good value for money, especially when compared to the Florida Disney Parks.  There are table service and counter service restaurants as well as plenty of places to pick up a snack.  Here’s what we found out about Tokyo DisneySea food.    


Like Tokyo Disneyland, there’s every flavour we could imagine here.  And some we couldn’t!  For those massive popcorn fans amongst us the parks in Tokyo are like a kind of heaven.  If you like popcorn you will love it here.  There are so many different varieties to try.  Caramel, Garlic Shrimp, Blueberry, Milk Chocolate, Black Pepper, Salt, Curry and Herb-Tomato.  We tried to sample them all. 

Location: Everywhere     Costs: Popcorn Y350 (~£2.50)

Sebastians Calypso Kitchen

This counter service restaurant was pretty busy when we visited and is not the most comfortable.  It’s also dark inside and the menu quite limited.  Having said that, we had Pizza here and it was delicious.

Location: Mermaid Lagoon       Costs: 2 Pizzas, fries, Pop ‘n’ Shrimp and 2 drinks  Y2770 (~£20)

Sultan’s Oasis

This was a great place to pick up an ice cream or better still Maple Cream Balls.  They also do drinks, all sorts of sundaes and some unique snacks here.

Like Grandma Sara’s Kitchen in Tokyo Disneyland we found this a great spot to change pace and chill out.  It was reasonably quiet in here and we had no problem getting a table.

Location: Arabian Coast             Costs: Maple Cream Balls and an Ice cream cone Y770 (£5.50)

Ristorante di Canaletto

For us, this was definitely the piece de resistance in terms of Tokyo DisneySea food. 

We had a 3-course meal with drinks at this Italian Table Service restaurant and the service was extremely efficient and attentive.  With a choice of starter, main course and desert, all the meals were beautifully presented.  One “problem” was that you had to choose two deserts!  Yes two!  And they were great!  As well as being delicious we found the meal really good value for money.  

Whilst our time was limited at Tokyo DisneySea and we weren’t sure whether we could make time for a sit down meal,  we were really glad we did.  We highly recommend it.  Apart from the excellent food and menu, the surroundings are pretty impressive and this is a very comfortable restaurant.  It’s also,  understandably, very popular which means booking Priority Seating is almost essential.

Location: Mediterranean Harbor            Costs: 3 Adult and 1 child 3 course meals with drinks £65

New York Deli

Based on….. a New York Deli (!) we found it really difficult to get a table at this counter service restaurant.  We held out for a booth and got lucky.  Eventually!  But it was worth the wait.  It was very comfortable with a great ambiance and the food was pretty good.

There were so many things we fancied on the menu here we found it almost impossible to choose.  So we had a go at pretty much everything!  We got the hot corned beef and cheese sandwich (The Reuben), Salad, Chicken Soup, fries, cheesecake and drinks

Location: American Waterfront   Costs: Sandwich, Salad, Soup, Fries, 2 cheesecakes and 2 drinks Y3790 (£26)

There are loads of other places to eat in Tokyo DisneySea but we couldn’t get around them all!  There are also some great places to eat in Tokyo Disneyland.

Planning your trip to Tokyo DisneySea

If you’re thinking of visiting Tokyo DisneySea check out our Tokyo DisneySea page or our Tokyo pages.  They cover how to get there, where to stay, what to do, food, drink and money.

Thoughts on Tokyo DisneySea Food

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