Things to do in Odaiba

Things to do in Odaiba

One of our favourite areas of Tokyo, there are so many things to do in Odaiba that we still haven’t got around them all despite 2 visits!

Off the beaten track it is well worth the effort to get there, which is pretty easy by rail on the Rinkai Line from Shin-kiba.  Conveniently, there’s a free (hop on hop off) shuttle bus stopping at all the main sights when you get there.  And, night or day there is plenty to enjoy here.  Below are just some of the things to do in Odaiba on offer.

Visit the Statue of Liberty

Yes you read that right.  And no, you haven’t mistakenly landed on a post for New York!  Tokyo really does have it’s own version of Lady Liberty.  Albeit very much smaller.  It’s definitely worth visiting though and while you’re there you’ll also get to…….

See the colours of the Rainbow Bridge

The Statue of Liberty overlooks the Rainbow Bridge and from here you get a really great view of it.  Obviously it’s much better after nightfall when it, and the city beyond, lights up.

...and the bright lights of Aqua City

There are so many shops and restaurants in this area you will be totally spoilt for choice.  Right on the water in Tokyo Bay, it’s actually an artificial Island where everything is illuminated at night.  There are two shopping malls – Decks and Aqua City which open from 11:00 to 21:00.  Some restaurants open until 23:00. 

Toyota City Showcase

One big motor park for petrolheads!  Here you can “Look”, “Ride” and “Feel” the newly released Toyota models of motor car in the Line-up Zone.  And see some absolute classics.  This is free of charge.

The Sports Zone gives you a chance to experience Paralympic sports supported by Toyota such as wheelchair basketball.  Free of charge.

Mega Web

The Toyota City Showcase is part of Mega Web car theme park. Mega Web is also home to a History Garage, featuring motor cars from the 1950s to 1970s, and a Ride Studio.   It is free to view the exhibits, but some activities are chargeable, for example the driving school for children and adults.  

Right next to Mega Web is the Giant Sky Wheel.  Standing at 115 metres high, it’s the second tallest in Japan.  Charges do apply.


The National Musuem of Emerging Science and Innovation is well worth a visit.  Some of the highlights are seeing ASIMO (a human-like robot by Honda), part of the ISS and taking part in some of the experiments.  We were very impressed with this place and, although there was a charge for entry, found it incredibly good value for money.

Thoughts on things to do in Odaiba

That was just a brief overview of some of the things to do in Odaiba.  You’d need at least 3 days to get around and do everything on offer here.  In fact, we reckon you could easily have a week here without getting bored. 

We love Odaiba and this is one area of Tokyo we will definitely make a point of visiting again.

This guide really helped us with the planning and when we were there.  

Feel free to comment or get in touch if you’d like more detail on any of it.  Or check out our other pages on Tokyo or Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo DisneyLand.

Where to stay near Odaiba

We stayed at the Tokyo Bay Hilton and loved it but as you can imagine there is a huge amount and range of places to stay in Tokyo.  We’d recommend starting your search on where you can see what’s available where and the sort of price you can expect to pay.  Try and find somewhere that’s close to most of the things to do in Tokyo for free that you want include in your visit.

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6 thoughts on “Things to do in Odaiba”

  1. Vanessa Shields

    Odaiba looks like a fun area of Tokyo to explore! I never knew that there was a Statue of Liberty there. I wonder why? The view from there of Rainbow bridge is beautiful at night. I’d also love to visit Aqua City as it would be cool to see everything all lit up!

  2. I’m wondering now how many statues of liberties are there. But I guess when you make a good thing, you want to replicate it. I would enjoy the classic cars expo. They are always cool

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