Castles near Tenby

Castles near Tenby

This circular drive around castles near Tenby takes around just 1 hour, without any stops. But you will want to stop.  And you’ll probably want a lot longer to enjoy these magnificent sites. 

Even if you don’t go in to any of the castles, there are great walks around Carew and Pembroke in particular.  So it’s easy to turn this into a half or a full day out.

Tenby Castle

Castles near Tenby Castle

Tenby Castle is in one of the best locations of any of the Castles in Pembrokeshire and is just one of the things to do around Tenby.

There’s some debate over whether this actually counts as a castle but there’s little doubt about whether the location is spectacular.  All that remains of Tenby Castle today is just one small tower overlooking the town and out to sea. 

It’s well looked after though so it’s definitely worth a visit especially if you’re in Tenby anyway.  And even if you’re not it makes a great focal point (or excuse) for a trip.  

If you stroll around the town you’ll see the old town walls that used to protect it as well as remnants of the original building pretty much everywhere.  ‘Five arches’ gate is a must see.

Map Ref. SN 13776 00526

From Tenby head to Manorbier Castle
  •  Take the A4139 through Penally and Lydstep.
  • Turn left on to the B4585
  • This takes you into the village Manorbier and on to the Castle (on your right) and car park (on your left) further along.

This journey will take around 15 minutes and is approximately 6 miles.

Manorbier Castle

Manorbier Castle

Like Tenby, we’d say that the big draw of Manorbier Castle is definitely the location.  For a castle of this stature, it’s proximity to the sea is hard to beat in Pembrokeshire.  It’s well preserved with plenty to explore and the gardens inside are really well maintained.   

There is a charge for admission and there are often live events here.

Map Ref. SS 06424 97787

From Manorbier head to Pembroke Castle
  • Take the B4585 (north this time) towards the A4139.
  • Turn left onto the A4139 towards Jameston and then Lamphey
  • At Lamphey turn left staying on the A4139 towards Pembroke.
  • When you get to Pembroke you will be on Station Road
  • At the mini roundabout you will see The Hope Inn on your left. Take the first left down Well Hill.
  • At the bottom of Well Hill turn right and follow this road towards the Castle. Car parks are situated on the left before the Castle.

This journey will take around 15 minutes and is approximately 6.5 miles.

Pembroke Castle

No list of Castles in Pembrokeshire would be complete without Pembroke Castle.  This is the big one.  Not just in size but in terms of history.  There’s been a castle on this site since 1093 and it was the birthplace of Henry VII. 

There’s a huge amount to see and do here and a good range of facilities.  Open all year there is a charge for admission.

Like Carew, there’s also a great little circular walk here around a millpond.  And this is where the best photos are to be had.  Our tip for that would be to time your visit for golden hour.

Map Ref. SM 98160 01649

From Pembroke head to Carew Castle:
  • From Pembroke Castle drive through Pembroke main street which will take you back to the mini roundabout at The Hope Inn.
  • At the roundabout take the first left (Holyland Road) A4075
  • Stay on this road until you read the A477. Turn right on to the A477 towards Carew passing through Milton.
  • At the Carew Cheriton roundabout take the first exit to Carew. You will see the Castle a short distance away on your left as well as the Castle car park.

This journey will take around 10 minutes and is approximately 5 miles.

Carew Castle

Carew Castle makes for a great day out at any time.  But, when the tide is in, on a calm still day, it’s at it’s very best.  In our opinion this is the easiest of the Castles in Pembrokeshire to get the best photographs of.  There’s also a great little walk here around the millpond which is free. 

Guided tours are available and there is a charge for admission into the castle

Map Ref. SN 04491 03774

From Carew Castle back to Tenby
  • From Carew Castle head back to Carew Cheriton roundabout and take the first exit on to the A477
  • At the next roundabout take the third exit (right) onto the B4318
  • Stay on this road passing Manor House Wildlife Park and The Dinosaur Park until you get to the main road, just after Tenby Leisure Centre on your left.
  • Turn left towards Tenby town.
  • This journey will take just over 10 minutes and is approximately 7 miles.

Thoughts on Castles near Tenby

As well as these there are some other Castles in Pembrokeshire including Wiston Castle.

If you’re not castled out after this, Llawhaden castle is approximately 17 minutes from Carew.

This is the paper map that covers the area.

If you are visiting Pembrokeshire now or in the near future please be aware that social distancing rules still apply in Wales.  Please keep yourselves and others safe.

Where to stay for Castles near Tenby

There are lots of places to stay close to the route of this circular drive around castles near Tenby.  Tenby itself is home to an abundance of accommodation.  More independents, B&Bs and guesthouses than large chain hotels.  We always use to check what’s available where.

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