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We’re a family from Wales, in the UK, that love to travel.  We like to fly off to visit places we’ve never been to before.  To experience new things.  Cultures, currencies and climates.  See famous sites.  And not so famous sights.  Hear different languages.  Sample different foods.  Interact with the people.  We like to go where it’s busy.  Vibrant with lots to do.  And where it’s quiet.  Peaceful and relaxing.

But we also like to explore places which are local to us.  When we think of taking time off or going on holiday we tend to think about taking long journeys.  We’re often guilty of bypassing what’s on our doorstep.  Taking for granted how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful corner of the planet.  But we’re trying to put that right.  And with everything that’s going on at the moment we have definitely had time to appreciate where we live and what’s on our doorstep. 

We’ve also had time to reflect on how we travel and certainly for the next year or two our focus is going to be on more local travel with an emphasis on staycations and sustainability. 

This website is a place for us to document how we travel.  Near and far.  Our aim is to offer some insights into the places we’ve been.  It’s also a place where we hope to provide some information that will help you with your travel plans.   

If you want to get in touch you can contact us on social media by clicking on one of the icons or email ross@howwetravel.co.uk 

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