When to go to Tokyo

When we went to Tokyo

While Tokyo is a year-round destination, our research told us that there are a couple of ideal times to visit.  The general consensus seemed to be that the best months are April and November.  November for the colour of the falling leaves and lower humidity.  April for the cherry blossom season.  

This is of huge significance in Japan.  A time of renewal the cherry blossom represents spring.  Most locals take time off work and have picnics and parties to celebrate.


Apparently, summer and winter are less than ideal times to visit due to the weather.  July and August are hot and humid and the rainy season is during May and June. Typhoon season peaks in August and September.

Winter can be cold with average temperatures of 10c (50F) in January and February.  And the days are shorter.  Sunset can be around 5pm in January.  

Options for us are fairly limited when it comes to long haul because of the school terms.  November is out with no school holiday.  October half term would limit us to a week. That isn’t nearly enough time to pack everything in if you are only visiting Tokyo, never mind further afield.

We wanted to avoid Golden week which is the busiest time for domestic travel in Japan.  A series of national holidays, lots of places shut down and others get crowded as locals have time off.

With the school Easter holidays falling conveniently around Cherry blossom season it was an obvious choice for us to visit at the beginning of April.  We were not disappointed.  The weather was very pleasant.  Warm and sunny most days but a bit cooler in the nights.  We did find the need for an extra layer or two in the evenings but experienced little or no rain and saw an abundance of Cherry blossom.

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