Castles in Pembrokeshire

Castles in Pembrokeshire

There are at least a dozen castles in Pembrokeshire.  Some big, some small and plenty in between. Some are more well-known then others and some are free to visit.

And they are worth a visit.

These are our favourite Castles in Pembrokeshire and this is just a snippet of what you can expect.

Llawhaden Castle

In many ways Llawhaden Castle is our favourite of all the Castles in Pembrokeshire.  Partly because its free, partly because we’ve been going there since our children were very small and it holds so many great memories for us.  But mainly because it’s so much fun.  You’re free to explore here.  And there’s plenty to explore.  From downstairs rooms and dungeons to the rooms upstairs with their fantastic views.  You’ll need a bit of a head for heights but it’s definitely worth the climb. 

Admission is free

Wiston Castle

The smallest of the Castles in Pembrokeshire on our list but still very impressive nonetheless. This is a great example of a motte and bailey castle and you’ll recognise that as soon as you step through the gate.  The views from here are not great so if that’s what you’re after you’ll be a bit disappointed.  You’re also unlikely to be here very long but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the visit.  It’s still great fun and makes for great photos.  Open all year round, admission is free. Wiston Castle

Tenby Castle

There’s some debate over whether this actually counts as a castle but there’s little doubt about whether the location is spectacular.  All that remains of Tenby Castle today is just one small tower overlooking the town and out to sea.  It’s well looked after though so it’s definitely worth a visit especially if you’re in Tenby anyway.  And even if you’re not it makes a great focal point (or excuse) for a trip.  If you stroll around you’ll see the old town walls that used to protect the town as well as remnants of the original building pretty much everywhere.  ‘Five arches’ gate is a must see.

Admission is Free

Manorbier Castle

Like Tenby, we’d say that the big draw of Manorbier Castle is definitely the location.  For a castle of this stature, it’s proximity to the sea is hard to beat in Pembrokeshire.  It’s well preserved with plenty to explore and the gardens inside really well maintained.   

There is a charge for admission and there are often live events here.

Carew Castle

Carew Castle makes for a great day out at any time.  But, when the tide is in, on a calm still day, it’s at it’s very best.  In our opinion this is the easiest of the Castles in Pembrokeshire to get the best photographs of.  There’s also a great little walk here around the millpond which is free. 

Guided tours are available and there is a charge for admission into the castle

Pembroke Castle

No list of Castles in Pembrokeshire would be complete without Pembroke Castle.  This is the big one.  Not just in size but in terms of history.  There’s been a castle on this site since 1093 and it was the birthplace of Henry VII. 

There’s a huge amount to see and do here and a good range of facilities.  Open all year there is a charge for admission.

Like Carew, there’s also a great little circular walk here around a millpond.  And this is where the best photos are to be had.  Our tip for that would be to visit at golden hour.

More Information on Castles in Pembrokeshire

We’ve written more detailed posts on all of these castles at the links above and one on how to get around 4 of them on a circular drive.

If you are visiting Pembrokeshire now or in the near future please be aware that social distancing rules still apply in Wales.  Please keep yourselves and others safe.

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8 thoughts on “Castles in Pembrokeshire”

  1. We have been through Wales a few times but have barely scratched the surface of Pembrokeshire. 🙋‍♂️I think we need to go back as soon as possible for these cool castles.

  2. Taking note of these for sure. Pembroke castle of course is awesome, but I like the small free ones too. Wiston is intriguing, I don’t remember ever seeing a motte and Bailey that still had the buildings intact.

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