Sunflowers in Rhossili

Sunflowers at Rhossili

We really like Swansea and Gower and, with the Sunflowers in Rhossili, now seemed like a great time to visit.  We used to like going to the beach there when we lived in Swansea.  Rhossili feels so remote, the beach is huge and it’s also very atmospheric.

Being so busy at the moment it actually took some effort to allow ourselves the day off.  It’s also a 2 hour drive away and some of us would prefer to be on the computer all day!

All things considered it would be much easier not to go.  But sometimes you just have to.  Otherwise you never find the time.  And then you miss out on so much. 

Too much these days we say ‘we’ll do that when….’ and ‘we can do that anytime’.  And then you don’t.  Sometimes you can’t.  Life is short.  And it’s now.  Not in the future.  Unfortunately, we’ve had a stark reminder of that recently.  Things change.  Sometimes suddenly.  Sometimes gradually.  It’s inevitable and we’re powerless against it.  So we went.  And here’s the proof!  

2020 Update: 

What a year 2020 has been!  Could any of us have predicted it?  A global pandemic.  Lockdown in Wales.  And the rest of the planet come to that.  Providing another example of why we should make the time to do the things we want to do when we can. 

Getting to the Sunflower fields in Rhossili

There are a couple of ways to get to the Rhossili Sunflower fields from Swansea. 

  • One is to head west towards Mumbles and turn right at West Cross.  This takes you over Clyne Common and through Kittle. 
  • The other is to head up past Singleton Park, through Killay and Upper Killay and out on to Fairwood Common. 

Rhossili is as far West as you can go in The Gower.  It’s 19 miles from Swansea but can feel like further.  It’s slow going on these roads and will take longer than you think.  Possibly around 45 minutes provided the traffic isn’t too bad and you don’t meet too many lorries, tractors, sheep or cows.

Because the sunflowers are around for a short period we decided to make them our priority when we got there.  Besides it is a long way down to the beach.  And an even longer way back up!  So we decided we’d leave that until our next visit.

The Rhossili Sunflower Fields

The sunflower fields in Rhossili are usually planted  by the National Trust to provide support for wildlife.  

You can park in the National Trust Car Park and the sunflower fields are just a short downhill walk away.

With the sea as a backdrop they make an incredible spectacle.  A pretty perfect place for photography.

The sunflowers in Rhossili are at their best in August.  We went on a Saturday and it was busy.  We prefer it like that sometimes.  It’s a reminder of how lucky we are to have places like this on our doorstep.  Perhaps it offers us the opportunity to appreciate what we have a bit more.  Plus, it makes us feel like we’re on holiday too!

2020 Update: 

Whilst we sometimes like the buzz of places being busy, in 2020 we’re not so keen.  We are still in the middle of a global pandemic and we are determined to maintain social distancing and keep ourselves and others safe.  So this year we went on a wet and gloomy Thursday morning, hoping to avoid the crowds.  And, in the main, this was quite a successful strategy.  We got there early.  9.30am.  And this is what we found at that time:

  • There was almost no traffic on the Gower roads, 
  • We had no problem parking,
  • There were no queues for the conveniences, and;
  • no problem social distancing.  

However by the time we left at around 11am it was a very different story.  The car park was full, there were queues for the conveniences and people who were not so bothered about social distancing.  Getting there early, seeing and doing the things we wanted to quickly, and then leaving worked well for us.  

After popping down to see the Worm’s Head it was back to the car and time to make our way home.  You can cross the causeway to the head itself but that wasn’t our purpose this time.  We really enjoyed our visit here.  Next time we will cross the causeway and go down onto the beach!

Please note that this post was originally written after our visit in 2019 and all of the photos above are from then.

The observations above in italics and the information below has been updated as per our visit on the 6th of August 2020.  Things are different this year.  

What's Different in 2020?

Like much in 2020, things have changed here.  This year, the display of Sunflowers in Rhossili is down to a local farmer and:

  • You can actually pick sunflowers in one of the fields.  There’s a charge of £1-£1.50 per flower head, and some of the proceeds will go to the RNLI and Rhossili Church.
  • This time the Sunflowers in Rhossili are different colours, not just the classic yellow.
  • There’s also a ‘sunflower ring’ – an arch of sunflowers which makes for a nice shot with Worms Head in the background.
  • Local Food & Drink businesses are showcasing their offerings such as Seafood, Welshcakes and Ice Cream to name a few.

If you are going to see the sunflowers in Rhossili now or in the near future please be aware that social distancing rules still apply in Wales.  Please keep yourselves and others safe.

Planning your visit

Getting There

The Nearest Airport to Swansea is Cardiff International.  You can search for flights at Skyscanner

Swansea is approximately 40 miles west of Cardiff and the Marina can be reached by car by taking the A483 from junction 42 of the M4.  Head towards the city centre on Fabian Way and take a left onto the A4067 directly after crossing the bridge over the river Tawe. 

Public Transport

There is a bus service that runs to Rhossili from Swansea.  It’s number 118 and the main bus station is a walk down High Street from the Train Station.  Swansea has good train links from the East with the main station at the top of High Street.    


We parked at the pay & display car park at Rhossili (SA3 1PR).  National Trust members can park for free.  For non-members, the charge for cars was £6 all day or £3 for 2 hours.

Opening times

Every day from 9.a.m. until approximately 7.p.m.


Dogs on leads are welcome and there are plenty of facilities.  These include refreshments (charges) and conveniences (free). 

Where to stay

Gower has been named as the best place in the UK to go for a staycation with good social distancing.

There a lots of places to stay in Swansea and the Gower.  We usually use to check out what’s available and the best prices.

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14 thoughts on “Sunflowers in Rhossili”

  1. Beautiful photos as always. It’s especially nice to see sunflowers and that the Bees are thriving! It sounds like you had a busy trip but it was worth it, great post 😊

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and for the kind comments. Yes, it was good to see the bees. They are of much concern at the moment. It’s always a bit of a relief when we see them in our garden. You’re right, it was quite a full throttle day! But, as you say, definitely worth it. And, as if seeing the sunflowers wasn’t enough, we got to spend time with family too!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments and for taking the time to post them. Providing useful information is exactly what we are hoping to do.

  2. This makes me more excited for my own trip to see sunflowers tomorrow. Didn’t think much about how busy it’s going to be though. Now you have me thinking. 🤔

  3. What a lovely day out! These sunflowers are just gorgeous and set in such a beautiful area of Wales too 🙂

    I also think you’re absolutely right to do what you’re comfortable with in terms of COVID and social distancing.

    1. It really was Hannah. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit again and if anything the fact that it was quite different meant it felt almost like a totally new experience. Which is always good! Thanks for reading and your comments 🙂

  4. I loved finding out about the sunflowers. What a beautiful place to visit , having never been to a sunflower field I would love to go. Good tips about getting there really early before the masses arrive. I still can’t believe that people aren’t social distancing , it makes days out for those of us adhering to it quite a nightmare. Great photos.

    1. Thanks Angie. Yes, the sunflowers in Rhossili are a bit special. Getting to places early, getting it done and getting away is what we’re about at the moment. We’re tending to avoid areas that are likely to be more crowded if we can. We just want to keep ourselves and others safe.

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