What to do in Laugharne

Boathouse at Laugharne

We hadn’t been to Laugharne for years but it was bank holiday weekend and we weren’t sure what to do.  We all seem to have grown out of sitting on a beach all day, much as we love avoiding jellyfish, amorous dogs and the sand in sandwiches.

But we love to be by the coast.  See it. Smell it. Hear it.  We wanted to go somewhere easy.  Not too far away.  Somewhere we hadn’t been for a long time.  Somewhere a bit different.  Laugharne seemed to fit the bill.  And it did not disappoint.

There were things we remembered.  Things we remembered differently.  Things we didn’t remember. And things we hadn’t seen before.

We didn’t remember Laugharne Town Hall at all!  And we remembered Brown’s Hotel a bit differently.


Tranquil and peaceful, Laugharne is situated on the estuary of the river Taf in Carmarthenshire, Wales.  The location is almost magical and it struck us as no wonder that the famous Welsh writer, Dylan Thomas, chose to make this place home.  It is also where Keeping Faith was filmed.

Laugharne Castle

Laugharne Castle

We did remember that there was a car park right in the middle of Laugharne.  We also remembered that the location of it was great.  But not that it was free!  It couldn’t be much more convenient, especially for the castle.

We made the famous boathouse the focal point of our visit and passed some interesting things along the way.  The walk is well signposted from the the Car Park.  Cross over the bridge or wade through the stream like some of us did!  Pass the castle on your left and you’ll pick up the next one. 

There are some steep sections but it’s a very pleasant walk and well signposted.  You’ll pass by ‘Seaview’ the former home of Dylan Thomas.

The Writing Shed

Before you get to the boathouse where Dylan lived you will see the writing shed where he wrote.  Not sure we’ve ever seen a more inspiring location.

The Boathouse

Then you get to the boathouse where Dylan and his wife, Caitlin lived.  This is now a museum, shop and tearoom with a charge for entry.

Once we’d negotiated the steps down, we all enjoyed the very flat walk back!

Our visit to Laugharne made for a lovely day out.  Easy, convenient, fun and relaxed.  Perhaps we won’t leave it so long before our next visit.

More Info

Getting there

Laugharne can be reached by car by taking the A4066 off the A40 at St Clears.  It is approximately 4 miles from the A40 and around 1 hour from Swansea. It can also by accessed by bus number 222 from St. Clears.


In the town are public conveniences (20p charge) a chip shop, a convenience store, 2 take-aways and several pubs as well as a number of places to stay.  

Where to stay

There are plenty of places to stay in and around Laugharne.  We always check Booking.com to see what’s available and find their prices hard to beat.

Feel free to leave a comment if you’d like any more information and we’ll do our best to help.

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