Gwaun Valley waterfall walk


This Gwaun Valley waterfall walk is short, pleasant and fairly easy.  Although there are over 100 steps.

But we had a pretty tough time finding it!  And we live here!  So we wrote this post to help you if you happen to be looking for the Gwaun Valley waterfall walk.

We’ve only really found out about this Gwaun Valley waterfall walk recently.  Partly due to looking for things to do locally and partly through Googling Waterfalls near Pembrokeshire.  You see, one of us is obsessed pretty keen on waterfalls and so it seemed a bit ridiculous that we hadn’t even seen all the closest ones to us.

We’ve discovered that there are actually 4 waterfalls in and around Pembrokeshire and we’ll be writing about them soon.

Driving to the Gwaun Valley waterfall walk

The drive itself into the Gwaun Valley is pretty special.  This is an incredibly unique place.  It even has 2 New Year’s!  More about that another time.

To get to the Gwaun Valley from the north take the A487 to Fishguard then the B4313 towards Maenclochog.  The Gwaun Valley and it’s main village, Pontfaen, are well signposted off the B4313.  

From the South or East either head for Fishguard and follow the roads as above or from the A40 take the B4313 until you come to a crossroads called “Tafarn Newydd/New Inn”.  Take the B4313 heading towards Fishguard and then the first right, where again the Gwaun Valley and Pontfaen are well signposted. 

Either way is a lovely drive and this is a really useful map.  Tregynon is where you’re headed so look out for the brown signs.

How to get to the start of the Gwaun Valley waterfall walk

The easiest way to get to Tregynon is to approach the Gwaun Valley from the lower side of the valley.

From the A40 (which is the main A road through Pembrokeshire), or from the north on the A487, take the B4329 or B4313 (heading towards Rosebush or Maenclochog). At the crossroads called “Tafarn Newydd/New Inn” where the B4239 and B4313 cross, take the road sign posted Fishguard.  At the first junction bear right and at the next junction turn right.  This junction is signposted Gelli Fawr.  Tregynon farm is about 2 minutes drive from this last junction.

This Gwaun Valley waterfall walk starts at Tregynon farm (and opposite a farm called Ffynnondici). 


There is no car park or layby as such here but we were able to park off the side of the road. Just make sure you are parked safely and not blocking any traffic or access.

  • Map ref. 05573 33785
  • Grid Ref. SN053 346

The Gwaun Valley waterfall walk route

The footpath is signposted and fairly easy to follow.  Firstly, walk down the lane towards Tregynon Cottages. 

You will eventually get to a sign which says Tregynon B&B.  Head towards this and just before the cattle grid take the gate on your left.  Then follow the footpath signs around the beautifully manicured gardens, obviously respecting the fact that this is a private residence. 

Once you’ve skirted the garden you’ll find yourself in a wood where you’ll come across a recently constructed staircase leading down to your right.  It can be a bit muddy through here so, if it’s wet,  make sure you’re wearing the correct footwear and watch your step.  

This section is quite steep and some of the steps quite high.  It is easy to navigate but take care here. 

Once down at the bottom there’s a pretty good viewing area and a very convenient bench to take the weight off your feet.  Maybe even have a bit of a rest here before the climb back up.  The waterfall can be seen to your right. 

Tregynon Waterfall is said to be the tallest in Pembrokeshire. 

When you decide to make your way back to the car you have 2 options.  You can either retrace your steps or you keep heading up.  If you choose to continue take a right at the top and you’ll find yourself back at the garden of Tregynon Cottages.    

Gwaun Valley Waterfall Walk Statistics

  • Total distance:  1.2 miles
  • Start Grid Reference:  SN 053 346
  • Total Walk time:  30 minutes
  • Total Time:  40-45 minutes  Taking in views and photographs


The Gwaun Valley Waterfall walk is short but enjoyable.  It’s well signposted, well designed and well maintained.  Aside from the steps it’s a fairly flat walk which makes it all the more pleasant and there are some great views to be had on the walk down the lane and on the drive to get there.

The waterfall is far more impressive after or during prolonged wet weather.

We’ve never seen it busy here so social distancing was not a problem for us.  The potential circular nature of the walk means that it should be possible to avoid contact with others. 

The Gwaun Valley waterfall is one of 4 waterfalls in and around Pembrokeshire.  Check out our posts on the others – Tresaith waterfallFfynone waterfall and Cenarth Falls.

If you are visiting the Gwaun Valley waterfall walk now or in the near future please be aware that social distancing rules still apply in Wales.  Please keep yourselves and others safe.

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17 thoughts on “Gwaun Valley waterfall walk”

  1. So which of you is obsessed with waterfalls. And what’s wrong with the other. 😉 those hikes that are a challenge to find the start are more difficult than the ones that it’s hard to find the finish. But we’ll worth it to see the falls.

  2. Looks like a lovely, albeit it quite short walk. Sounds like it might be the ideal time to visit in a few days/week or so after this storm has passed!

  3. Wow! The Gwaun Valley Waterfall walk sounds really delightful. I like how you’re teasing future posts, ie more waterfalls and 2 New Years! 🙂

    Also, I like how “one of you” is pretty keen on waterfalls hehehe 🙂

  4. What a beautiful walk and a bonus that there is a waterfall too! That is really neat that you have a tranquil place in nature so close to home.

  5. his is definitely going on my list of things to do when I come to Pembrokeshire – love walking and love a waterfall!!

  6. Hi,
    We loved your directions, without them we would never have found the falls.
    We attempted in the past, to get to the falls from a path which starts from a layby in the Gwaun Valley but failed due to impassable mud 🙈 so it was great to finally get there.
    What other falls are in the area?

    1. Hi Leanne, this is so great to hear because this is exactly why we wrote the post. We tried and failed twice from what sounds like the same place as you 😆 Great to hear you finally got there! 👍

      In terms of other falls – funny you should ask. We’re currently going around the ones we know of in and around Pembrokeshire and will be posted about the 4 in the next couple of weeks. We went back to Cenarth last night and that post will be published on Friday. We also went to the one in Tresaith which is much better than we expected and we’ll be posting about that next week. In the meantime have you checked out our post on Ffynone ? It’s a beautiful place and we’ll be going back when the weather is very wet!

  7. My son and I have just visited this site and the Ffynnone waterfall this evening, both lovely.
    Speaking as someone with a slight disability (hip replacement that has ongoing issues) I found the long steps down *really* difficult due to the size of each step – coming up the other side was a lot easier, so I’ll be going down and up that way in future. I really appreciate the amount of hard work that must have gone into the making of those steps, but some of them are ridiculously big even for the able bodied.

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