Beaches in Pembrokeshire

Beaches in Pembrokeshire

There are over 50 beaches in Pembrokeshire but we’re not going to go through them all here.

What we are going to do though is give a brief overview of our top 10 favourites and why we like them so much.  There are links to individual posts where we go into a lot more detail about some of these beaches in Pembrokeshire, the UKs only truly coastal National Park.

Over many years, we’ve been to every one of these beaches on numerous occasions. And in all weathers!  So we know them pretty well.  In fact, we’ve been to every one of the beaches in Pembrokeshire at least once.

We’ve listed them in no particular order but each one these beaches has specific reasons why we love them so much.

Some are convenient and easily accessible and others less so but quiet and secluded.

We think that how you feel about a beach can be very subjective. What suits us may well not suit you. 

So, as you read on about these beaches in Pembrokeshire, please remember that this is our personal opinion, and you may see things very differently at any or all of them. 

Tenby North Beach

Tenby North Beach has got to be one of our favourite beaches ever.  Anywhere.  A tall claim, yes.  But we have our reasons. Part of it is probably because we’ve been coming here for over 40 years.  And we’re still not bored of it. But also because it’s interesting, convenient and has good facilities.

And it’s in Tenby. With everything you’d expect to find in a truly great seaside town.

Tenby South Beach

Just across the other side of that town, Tenby South Beach is dune-backed with golden sand that stretches for miles. Well, one and a half anyway. Being so big means you should have no problem finding your very own socially distanced spot. And we like that. Especially right now.

It’s also got great facilities with parking and a restaurant right next to the beach.

Tenby Castle Beach

Sitting right in between North and South Beaches, Castle beach has so much going on.

Right next to Castle Hill with its bandstand, castle, museum and lifeboat station, means that along with all the nooks and crannies on the beach there’s lots to explore.

Boats to Caldey also set sail from here and you can walk across, depending on the tide, to St Catherine’s Island with it’s historic fort.

Voted by the Sunday Times as the best beach in the UK in 2019 you’re unlikely to get bored very quickly here.

Coppet Hall

At low tide, Coppett Hall is joined to the beach at Saundersfoot.  Which means you get a 2 for 1 type of deal.  But it’s often quieter than it’s nearest neighbour. Sometimes we just like that.

With it’s golden sand it’s right on the coastal path and offers interesting walks either way. As well as being able to walk to Saundersfoot along the beach it’s also easy (and quite good fun) to walk through the tunnels.

Heading in the opposite direction brings you to Wisemans Bridge and onto the start of the coast path at Amroth. This is one of our favourite Pembrokeshire Coast Path Walks.

Parking is so convenient too, right next to the beach.  There’s also a great restaurant here as well as public conveniences and a snack bar.

Newport Beach

This is probably the beach we visit more often than any other. And not just because it’s our nearest. One of the things we love about this one is being able to take the car onto the beach. Parking doesn’t get more convenient than that.

The Welsh name for Newport beach is Traeth Mawr which translates to Big Beach. And it is. Massive in fact. Somewhere between a mile and a mile and a half from end to end, this is a great place to walk, rest or play.

Dune backed with views over to The Parrog and a little waterfall. What more could you want?

The beach is overlooked by Carn Ingli Mountain and the fantastic Cat Rock Café on the Golf Course.

With a couple of car parks overlooking the beach as well as public conveniences and a café serving ice cream, Newport beach makes for an easy day out. 


Another of the beaches in Newport this is not the biggest or prettiest of the beaches in Pembrokeshire.  But Pwllgwaelod holds such fond memories for us and is a bit of a hidden gem.

It’s a good place to start the Dinas Head walk or just walk to Cwm Yr Eglwys and back. 

Pwllgwaelod is an interesting little place where you can watch boats coming in and out and also the ferry to Ireland making it’s way to or from Fishguard.  Parking is convenient, there are public conveniences and a pub here.  It’s a great place for sunsets too.


Look at that water!!  Caerfai has been one of our favourite beaches in Pembrokeshire since we first set eyes on it during a coastal path walk 20 years ago.   The incredible location of the parking ground and the eye-catching turquoise water are just a couple of reasons we go back again and again.

The views from the cliff top parking ground are hard to beat.  Even if the weather is not great, or we’re on the clock, we may just park up here for a while to take in those views.  It’s also the start (or finish) of probably our favourite circular walk in Pembrokeshire.  Caerfai to St Non’s.  

There are no facilities at the beach but St. David’s (the UK’s smallest city) is around a mile away.


Another of the beaches in St David’s, Whitesands is regarded as one of the best surfing beaches in Pembrokeshire.

Again, right on the Pembrokeshire Coast path, It’s overlooked by Carn llidi which you can walk to from here.  This is particularly good if you’re looking for walks in Pembrokeshire that offer fantastic views.

The big draw for us here though are the spectacular sunsets.

Parking is convenient but can be a problem at the height of summer. There are public conveniences and a café right next to the beach. 

Broadhaven South

Not to be confused with Broadhaven (West), this is the sandy bay the other side of Stackpole Head to it’s (maybe more well-known) neighbour, Barafundle.

Now, we’re well aware that Barafundle has become something of a sensation.  So you might be surprised that it doesn’t feature in our top 10 favourite beaches in Pembrokeshire.

Barafundle is a stunning beach. There are no 2 ways about that. And we do like it.  But we think Broadhaven South is just as spectacular, more convenient and offers a little bit more.

They’re both secluded and spacious, which we like.  Although Barafundle, in particular, is becoming more and more popular (and busy) all the time.

In fact, to help relieve pressure and ease footfall, The National Trust have started hosting regular Seashore Safaris encouraging visitors to opt for Broadhaven South Beach instead of Barafundle.

Being so close to each other, these two beaches are very similar in nature too. With their soft white sands and grassy dunes (although the ones at Broadhaven are much bigger. Huge in fact) the water quality is also really good. So you get these benefits at either.

But what Broadhaven South has that Barafundle doesn’t is Church Rock, the Bosherston Lily Ponds walk and a car park overlooking the beach with public conveniences and an ice cream van.

For keen photographers out there Broad Haven (south) has also been named a “Dark Sky Discovery Site”.


Shh. Can you do us a favour? Don’t tell anybody about this one.

This really is a hidden gem that’s always very quiet when we visit. And we want it to stay that way!  But we couldn’t leave it out. It’s absolutely one of our favourites. And in some respects could rank as number one!

Essentially a cove that’s been given access due to the incredible engineering effort of the steps that have been installed.  What you’re looking at is somewhere that ordinarily you would only be able to reach from the sea.

Not the most accessible or the most convenient. And there are absolutely no facilities here. But despite all of that we still love it. And we think that speaks volumes.

This is such an interesting, fascinating and fun place to be. And one of the most beautiful. With its own passageway through the rock into Church Doors beach, there is plenty to explore here.

You can walk to Church Doors beach around the headland when the tide is out but, if you do, please be very careful you do not get stranded here.

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8 thoughts on “Beaches in Pembrokeshire”

  1. As I was reading through this list, I was like wooo this one is my favorite. No this one. I finally settled on Caerfai. Love that it looks like a hidden bay, with the cliffs above it. And it’s stunning!!

  2. You really are beach lovers. I particularly like the ones set in coves, the more secluded the better. As someone who prefers to photograph rather than lie on beaches they are perfect. Speaking of photos yours are amazing.

  3. Skrinkle and Caerfai would be our first choices. Both of those are stunning, and we like secluded and spacious too. Coppet Hall seems interesting with the tunnels.

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