Beaches in St Davids

Beaches in St Davids

There are 2 main beaches in St Davids in Pembrokeshire and they are very much different to each other.

One is a wide golden stretch of sand which is easily accessible with great parking.  And what the other lacks in convenience makes up for with it’s stunning turquoise waters.

This post gives a brief overview of both but there are links to the individual posts where we go into a lot more detail about the 2 main beaches in St Davids.

Over too many years now, we’ve been to them on very many occasions. And in every season!  So we know them pretty well.  

They’re listed here in no particular order, but each one of these beaches has specific reasons as to why we love them so much.

How you feel about a beach is, of course, very subjective. What suits us may well not suit you.  So, as you read on about these beaches in St Davids, please remember that this is our personal opinion, and you may see things very differently at any or both of them. 


Whitesands is the larger of the two main beaches in St Davids and regarded as one of the best beaches in Pembrokeshire for surfing.

Right on the Pembrokeshire Coast path, it’s overlooked by Carn Llidi which you can walk to from here.  This is particularly good if you’re looking for walks in Pembrokeshire that offer fantastic views.

This beach is around 2 miles away from the UK’s smallest city, St Davids, and under 10 mins by car.  It tends to be the more popular of the 2 main beaches in St.Davids.  The other is Caerfai


This has been one of our favourite beaches anywhere since we first set eyes on it over 20 years ago.  Just look at that water!

The views from the cliff top parking ground are hard to beat.  Even if the weather is not great, or we’re on the clock, we may just park up here for a while to take them in. 

There are absolutely no facilities here but Caerfai is actually within walking distance of St Davids.

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