Beaches in Newport

Beaches in Newport

There are 4 beaches in Newport in Pembrokeshire and each of them is totally different.

Some are convenient and easily accessible and others less so, but quiet and secluded.

This post gives a brief overview but there are links to individual posts where we go into a lot more detail about some of the beaches in Newport.

Over too many years, we’ve been to all of these beaches on very many occasions. And in all weathers!  So we know them pretty well.  

We’ve listed them in no particular order, but each one of these beaches has specific reasons as to why we love them so much.

We think that how you feel about a beach can be very subjective. What suits us may well not suit you.  So, as you read on about these beaches in Newport, please remember that this is our personal opinion, and you may see things very differently at any or all of them. 


This is probably the beach we visit more often than any other. And not just because it’s our nearest. One of the things we love about this one is being able to take the car onto the beach. Parking doesn’t get more convenient than that.

The Welsh name for Newport beach is Traeth Mawr which translates to Big Beach. And it is. Massive in fact. Somewhere between a mile and a mile and a half from end to end, this is a great place to walk, rest or play.

With a couple of car parks overlooking the beach, as well as public conveniences and a café serving ice cream, Newport beach makes for an easy day out. 


This is not the biggest or prettiest of beaches in Pembrokeshire, but Pwllgwaelod holds such fond memories for us and is a bit of a hidden gem. Parking is convenient and it’s an interesting little place where you can watch boats coming and going all day long. 

There are also public conveniences and a pub at Pwllgwaelod and it’s a great spot to start the Dinas Head walk or just to Cwm Yr Eglwys and back. 

Cwm Yr Eglwys

Talking of which, one of the great things about Cwm Yr Eglwys is that you don’t even need to go down onto the beach if you don’t want to.  You know, sand in the old shoes and that type of thing!  

Again we’re not going to pretend it’s the best beach in Pembrokeshire.  But it is a pretty atmospheric and peaceful place.  And, like Pwllgwaelod, it’s also on the route of the Dinas Head walk, one of our favourite circular walks in Pembrokeshire.

Not the most accessible or the most convenient. And limited facilities here. But despite all of that we still love it. And we think that speaks volumes.


The Parrog is just a very pretty little place.  One of those we go back to again and again. If we fancy the smell and sound and sight of the sea, combined with a short stroll to take in that air, this is usually top of our list.

The beach is small and disappears when the tide is high, but when it’s out it’s full of interesting rocks and pools.  Parking is fairly limited but free and very convenient and it makes for an easy short trip.

With public conveniences and a great café it’s also got pretty good facilities and offers great views over to Traeth Mawr.

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