Night Photography in Pembrokeshire

night photography in Pembrokeshire

If you’re looking for great places to do some night photography in Pembrokeshire then this post was written for you. Yes you!

We love taking photographs. And we’ve taken plenty of Pembrokeshire under beautiful blue skies during the daytime. But locations tend to look very different after sunset. And we were keen to see them.

Recently we’ve been zipping about the county to see the towns lit up for Christmas in Pembrokeshire.  And we really enjoyed it.  This encouraged us see if we could find some other spots for night photography in Pembrokeshire.

A search of the internet didn’t yield very helpful results. So we just went to the places we thought could be good. And they were!

And we’ve now written this post to show you what they’re like but also to help you if you’re looking for places to do some night photography in Pembrokeshire.


No Pembrokeshire photography list would be complete without Tenby.  And that includes a list of great places for night photography in Pembrokeshire.

We found Tenby Harbour and… 

…the Croft overlooking North Beach to be great spots to capture the lights and reflections. 


We’re not saying you’re going to get your full fix of night photography in Pembrokeshire at Saundersfoot.  In our experience it doesn’t really offer the same opportunities as others in this list.  And nowhere near as many as Tenby. What we are saying though is that if you have made the effort to get yourself to Tenby it may well be worth visiting it’s smaller neighbour.  Only 3 miles away the draw here at night is the harbour. 

Down at water level you can catch some great reflections if the conditions are right.

And a short walk up the hill towards the St Brides Hotel gets you a bird’s eye view over the entire village.  Lit up like a Christmas tree, the photo above was taken at Christmas in Saundersfoot.

Milford Haven

One of the great things about Milford is there are so many things to photograph at night.  The refinery makes a great focal point just across the water. Either on it’s own….

…or with something interesting in the foreground. And there a plenty to choose from up on The Rath!

On top of that (or rather below it) is the Marina.  There’s a pretty good one in Milford and Marinas always make for good photography when the conditions are right. Day or night. In this case, at night, the stillness meant that the many lights from both boats and buildings were reflected in calm waters.

Lower Town Fishguard

Distinctly different to Fishguard town centre, Lower Town is a very quiet harbour village just down the hill.

And on a calm night when the tide is in it’s simply one of the best places for night photography in Pembrokeshire.


Not only is Strumble Head Lighthouse a fantastic place for sunsets, it’s also pretty cool after dark. 

Which means, if you time your visit, you get a kind of 2 for 1 deal.   

With the lighthouse beacon contrasted by the silhouette of the Island it stands on (St Michael’s) this has to be on any list of night photography in Pembrokeshire.

Pentre Ifan

Up above sea level, in the Preseli hills, is the finest example of a pre-historic Burial Chamber in Pembrokeshire, Pentre Ifan.  As it stands today it is estimated that the capstone, which is supported by three uprights, could weigh as much as 16 tons! 

It’s a very special place anyway and makes for good photography at any time.  But, on clear nights, just after sunset, you can get some incredibly colourful skies.

Thoughts on night photography in Pembrokeshire

There are plenty of other places for night photography in Pembrokeshire that we haven’t been to yet.  But we have plans and we’ll add to this post as we visit some more.  So, check back from time to time.

If you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comments below.

Feel free to share this post if you enjoyed it and why not check out some of our others on Pembrokeshire like the ones below.

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