Christmas in Pembrokeshire

Christmas in Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire is an incredibly popular tourist destination, especially during the Summer.  Understandably, visitors come in their thousands for the beaches, coast path and hills. But, at Christmas in Pembrokeshire it’s time for the towns to take the spotlight.  And take full advantage of the opportunity to shine their lights.  

With so many places making such an effort, Christmas in Pembrokeshire really is a bit special. 

Christmas in St Davids

St David’s is the smallest city in the UK and a very popular tourist destination.  Especially in the Summer.  But Christmas in St Davids is pretty cool too.

The main reason for that has to be the Cathedral.  It takes on an even more magical air.

But St Davids is more than that. It’s got shops, cafes, good food, and plenty of places to stay.  And it’s close to two really nice beaches.  Which are great at any time of the year.  

Christmas in Tenby

Tenby is one of the most popular seaside resorts in the UK.  Especially in the Summer.  The beaches attract tourists in their thousands.  But it’s the town that takes centre stage at Christmas in Tenby

And with good reason.  It’s got pretty much everything you’d want.  Independent and Boutique shops, cosy cafes, good food and plenty of places to stay.  

We like to to get a bit of the Christmas in Tenby experience every year now.  And that’s not going to change any time soon.  The lights and the atmosphere draw us back time and again.  

Christmas in Narberth

Christmas in Narberth is all about the shops.  The colourful Pembrokeshire town has a long established reputation for a fantastic high street full of brilliant boutiques and unique independents.

It’s also developed itself as a bit of a gourmet location with some great places to eat and drink.

These things make it a great place to visit at anytime. But the atmosphere on the high street at Christmas is quite special.  We think you’ll like it.

Christmas in Saundersfoot

Christmas in Saundersfoot is full of sparkle. With cool places to shop and great places to eat, it’s as good a time as any to visit.

Shopping in Saundersfoot is very much about small independents and they do make an effort to make it look festive

Christmas in Newport

Christmas in Newport Pembrokeshire is full of Festive Food and fun!

This holiday location in North Pembrokeshire is a great place to visit at anytime. But the atmosphere at Christmas in Newport is quite different. Maybe less people than in the Summer but more hustle and bustle if that’s possible!

With Shops stocked full of Christmas treats and plenty of places for drinks and eats, there’s a fabulous time to be had at Christmas in Newport.

Christmas in Haverfordwest

Haverfordwest is the main market town in Pembrokeshire and is where many of the usual high street shops can be found.  Whether it’s in the centre of the town or in the out of town shopping centre at Withybush.

The Town Centre gets an official makeover with lights festooned right up the high street. It also gets an unofficial one with Yarn Bombers doing an amazing job of bringing some festive fun to the proceedings.

Christmas in Lower Town Fishguard

While the streets of Fishguard itself are lit up by the Christmas lights provided by the Council, the fisherman at Lower Town do an incredible job of bringing something pretty unique to the county.

It’s a quiet and peaceful affair in Lower Town.  And the ‘tree’ of nets and pots, so cleverly created, makes this place a ‘must visit’ at Christmas.   

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