Christmas in St Davids

Christmas in St Davids

St David’s is the smallest city in the UK and a very popular tourist destination.  Especially in the Summer.  But we think Christmas in St Davids is pretty cool too.

The main reason for that has to be the Cathedral.  It takes on an even more magical air.

But St Davids is more than that. It’s got shops, cafes, good food, and plenty of places to stay.  And it’s close to two really nice beaches.  Which are great at any time of the year.  

We like to to take in a bit of the Christmas in St Davids atmosphere every year now.  And that’s not going to change any time soon.  We think you’ll like it too.

Shops at Christmas in St Davids

The beauty of shopping at Christmas in St Davids is that you get small independents…

…rubbing shoulders with a few well known high street names.  Where you may pick up a pre-Christmas bargain!

And they do make an effort to create festive looking windows!

Most of the shops are located on the High Street and those running off it.  

We like shopping at Christmas in St Davids but also generally Shopping locally at Christmas in the wider county of Pembrokeshire.

The beaches at Christmas in St Davids

Yes the beaches! There are 2 main beaches in St Davids and they are very different to each other.

One is a wide golden stretch of sand which is easily accessible with great parking.  And what the other lacks in convenience makes up for with it’s stunning turquoise waters.

Great in the warmth of the Summer Sun they are also very busy then.  Which is why we think a great time to visit them is around Christmas.  Especially good for sunsets you can have them almost entirely to yourself!

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Christmas in St Davids Cathedral

This place is incredibly atmospheric at any time.  But we think nothing beats visiting St David’s Cathedral at Christmas. 

That atmosphere cranks up a notch but it stays calm and peaceful. 

They always do a good job on the trees and if you’re lucky you may just catch some magical music and a few Christmas carols.

Food and drink in St Davids

There are plenty of places to eat and drink in St Davids so you should have no problem finding something to suit your taste.  Cafes, bistros, fast food, pubs and fine dining restaurants. It’s got the lot!

We don’t give recommendations because things change and everyone’s tastes differ.  But, possibly because of the competition you will be spoilt for choice here.  So Eat, Drink and be Merry! And have a fantastic Christmas 🎄

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