Beaches in Tenby

Beaches in Tenby

The beaches in Tenby are probably the main attractions in this great coastal resort.  And rightly so.  They regularly win awards and feature in top 10 lists of beaches in the UK.

There are 4 beaches in Tenby and they’re all as good as they are individual.  Just as an example, The Sunday Times rated Tenby’s Castle Beach the best in the UK in 2019.

The largest and most popular are North beach and South beach with the smaller Harbour and Castle beaches nestled in between. And you can very nearly walk between all four without stepping off sand when the tide is right out.

North Beach

North beach is probably our favourite of the 4 beaches in Tenby, possibly due to the fact we started coming here over 40 years ago! 

At the North end of Tenby, it’s easy to spot as the one with the big rock in the middle. Just one of the things we love about this one is the café right on the beach.

Overlooked by Tenby town centre we usually find it a bit quieter than the others and because it faces East, it gets the full benefit of the sun for most of the day.

As well as great views out to sea you get one of the best views of the harbour from here too.  We always find it hard to resist going over to have a bit of an explore.  Doing this (when the tide is out) will bring you to Harbour beach.

Harbour Beach

So called because it’s at the back of the Harbour, this is probably the smallest of the beaches in Tenby.  You can get to it by walking along the sand or promenade from North beach or down a slipway or steps from the Town Centre.

An interesting place you’ll see a fair bit of activity here in the harbour plus it has it’s very own chapel!  St Julian’s Chapel was built between 1874 and 1878 to replace the fisherman’s Chapel and is well worth a look inside.  This is also where the boats sail from to Caldey Island.

Castle Beach

Further along to the south, Castle Beach is the next of the smaller central beaches in Tenby. 

There are numerous interesting things to see and do here.  Lots of nooks and crannies to explore and steps to climb.  Right next to Castle Hill with it’s band stand, castle, museum and lifeboat station you are not going to get bored here any time soon. 

Close to lots of facilities, food, drink and conveniences it joins up with South Beach in such a seamless way it’s hard know where Castle beach ends and South Beach begins.

South Beach

At around a mile and a half long, South Beach is a huge stretch of golden sand directly along to the south of Castle Beach.  Backed by dunes, this is a great place to chill out and relax and, even though it’s popular, you should have no problem finding your very own socially distanced spot.

Getting to it is easy with 2 car parks in close proximity (one almost on the beach itself) or just a short walk along the sand from Castle Beach.  The views from here of Caldey Island and just out to sea are hard to beat.

More information about Tenby

Check out our destination guide to Tenby which contains useful information such as how to get there and when to visit as well as our post on Things to do around Tenby.

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6 thoughts on “Beaches in Tenby”

  1. I can see why these beaches are so highly rated. Awesome to see a neat little town, too. Beaches often need a little bit more than the sand and surf itself for me to stick around. We are loving our 3 months now in a rural, beachside Panamanian community because there is so much to do around here.

  2. We haven’t been much past Swansea but you’re showing us how much we’ve missed of Wales. We’ll definitely spend more time exploring Wales next time, especially Tenby.

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