Waterfalls around Pembrokeshire

Tresaith Waterfall

There are at least 4 waterfalls around Pembrokeshire that we are aware of, and each of them is quite different from the others.  One in the Preseli Hills, one in the woods, one in the heart of a village and one on a beach.  Yes, a beach!

Some are easier to get to than others and, although we do have a favourite, each has its own merits.  If you’re looking to visit waterfalls around Pembrokeshire we recommend them all. 

It is actually possible to get around them all in one day but however and whichever you choose to visit, there’s sure to be one to suit your preferences.

We’ve published more detailed information on all 4 waterfalls around Pembrokeshire and we’ve linked them below, but here’s a quick summary of what you can expect.

The Gwaun Valley Waterfall Walk

Waterfalls around Pembrokeshire Gwaun Valley

This is a short, pleasant and fairly easy walk on the lower slopes of the Preseli Hills.

It’s not easy to find though which is why we wrote this guide. In fact, it took us 3 attempts to find it and we live here!  It’s definitely worth finding and as a bonus you need to drive through the Gwaun Valley to get to it!

When you do find it the walk is well signposted and there’s a very convenient bench at the viewing area, which means you can take your time enjoying the sight and sound before making your way back up the (50!) steps.

If you’re looking to have a waterfall in Pembrokeshire all to yourself, this one will most likely be it.

Gwaun Valley waterfall walk

The Ffynone Waterfall Walk

Waterfalls around Pembrokeshire Ffynone woods

This is the waterfall in the woods.  Ffynone Woods to be precise, which is near the village of Newchapel.

Parking is easy and free and the walk itself is quite interesting with plenty to see along the way.  Ffynone Woods is so calm, quiet and peaceful too.  Just a lovely place to ‘be’.

Again, there’s a bench right by the waterfall which makes a great place to sit for a while and take it all in.  If you’re anything like us, you’ll find yourself drawn to the water and keen to get in there.  We thoroughly recommend wellies.  If you do, be careful, as the water can be deeper than it looks.

The water does split here so, when it’s particularly wet, you get two for the price of one.

If your looking to combine viewing a waterfall near Pembrokeshire with a flat walk and maybe bump into some like-minded souls, this is the one.  Ffynone waterfall

Cenarth Falls

Waterfalls around Pembrokeshire Cenarth Falls

Maybe more a series of rapids than true ‘falls’, nevertheless this is a pretty impressive sight.

And on top of that, the access to this one is fantastic.  Certainly the best of the four.  In fact, you can park the car right next to it and see the falls without even getting out!

We always do though!  We love the noise and getting up close and personal to this one.

The village of Cenarth is chilled out, beautiful and interesting too so you’ll probably fancy a wander around here.  There are a couple of shops, a couple of pubs and a tea room here.

If you’re looking for ease of access, facilities and refreshments, this is probably the one for you.

Cenarth Falls

Tresaith Beach Waterfall

Waterfalls around Pembrokeshire Tresaith beach waterfall

We’ve saved what we consider to be the best till last here.  A waterfall on a beach! What’s not to love about that? And we’ve not seen a better one yet.

Tresaith Beach is beautiful anyway and there are plenty of facilities here but, for us, the waterfall is the star of the show.  It’s pretty spectacular and if you’re here at the right time you may even get to see the rainbow in it.

Parking and access is not the best here though.  There is a car park for which there is a charge but it’s a long way down to the beach and an even longer way back up!

Tresaith is actually in Ceredigion but close enough to Pembrokeshire for us to include it here.

Tresaith waterfall

Thoughts on the waterfalls around Pembrokeshire

All of these places are great to visit at anytime, but, maybe unsurprisingly, they’re all far more impressive after or during prolonged periods of wet weather.  We certainly plan on visiting them all again during the winter months.  That’s kind of the beauty of waterfalls.  You don’t need sun or heat or even dry weather to appreciate them.  A perfect excuse for getting out there no matter what the weather.

But remember ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing’.  Particularly with the Ffynone and Gwaun Valley walks we recommend wearing boots and carrying the right gear.  You never know when or why you may need it.  Stay Safe.

If you are visiting any or all of the waterfalls around Pembrokeshire now or in the near future please be aware that social distancing rules still apply in Wales.  Please keep yourselves and others safe.


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  1. All of these waterfalls are so beautiful and how lucky that these are all near where you live! When I get the chance to visit one day, I’d love to see them all! When I first saw a waterfall on the beach I was in awe! It is a pretty magical sight to see that. But I also really like the idea of going for a solitude walk in a forest to see a waterfall!

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