Things to do on Murano for free

Things to do on Murano

A quiet contrast to Venice, there are some really enjoyable things to do on Murano for free.  In comparison to its much more famous neighbour, the streets of this Island series are fewer and less claustrophobic.  There are more green spaces, much less people and it feels much more open. 

World famous for it’s glass, there are numerous factories making, and shops selling, extremely expensive examples of the reason it got it’s reputation.  But there are some things to do on Murano for free and below are just a few that we found.

See a (James Bond) movie location

For film (and particularly James Bond) fans this is a great place to visit.  It was also one of the top things to do in Murano for free we wanted to do.  The island, and in particular, the Venini glass factory, appeared in Moonraker.

Gasp at the glass art

The are a number glass art installations dotted around the island and some are easier to spot than others.  It’s fun to see what will pop up around the next corner as you walk around.

Stare at a sunset

Because it’s so small, catching a sunset is one of the easiest things to do on Murano.  In fact, maybe easier than anywhere else we’ve been.  At only around a mile across it doesn’t take long to find the perfect spot to witness one of the most beautiful things in nature that happens every single day!

Get lost

That’s not meant to be rude.  And obviously, actually getting lost is not one of the best things to do on Murano.  It just means simply allow yourself to wander.  That’s the best way to get a real feel and sense of the city.  And to find the best ice cream!  Part of the beauty of this place is found in it’s waterside walkways and numerous bridges.  Being so open, it’s actually quite difficult to get lost!  

Stumble across uniqueness

Where else do you see fuel pumps and no roads? 

Or waste being collected by boat?  These are pretty unique experiences and ones which are fascinating to watch.  They were also really lovely things to do on Murano as there seems to be less rush here.  It was one of the most relaxed things we did on our visit and we’ll never forget being in the moment together.  It’s easy to spend a chunk of your time here watching things that are pretty mundane at home.  But we say ‘do it!’  These are things you may never see where you live.

Planning your trip to Murano

If you’re thinking of visiting Murano check out our Venice page.  It covers how to get there, how to get around and food, drink and money.

Where to stay on Murano

We stayed at the Hyatt Centric Murano and really enjoyed it.  Conveniently, it has its own launch and provided us with transportation back and forth to Venice (as well as from the airport and back).  We were able to book breakfast and an Executive Room.  This was great for us as a family of four.

Our suite had a sofa bed and single bed with a king sized bed in a separate area upstairs.  All were very comfortable.  The only down side was that the room was dark and did not have a view. 

The reception staff could not have been more friendly and helped us sort out transportation for the whole of our stay.  Computers and printers were available to use so it was easy to check-in for our return flight and print boarding documentation.

We took breakfast in the main restaurant which was semi al-fresco.  It was a very nice touch as the weather was good and the bougainvillea was in full bloom.  The food was good and consisted all the usual fare including continental and cooked buffet breakfast.  Something for all the family!  It made a really good start to the day. 


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