Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Centre

Like most people we’re not travelling at the moment but that doesn’t mean we’ve got nothing to say! 

Travel is never far from our minds and what we’re doing during lockdown, amongst other things, is thinking about and planning where we want to go once the restrictions are lifted. 

We’re also looking back at some of the travel experiences we’ve been fortunate enough to have and this has prompted us to write about a few of them.  It’s also, maybe, an opportunity to say a bit more about us and the things we do as well as and alongside travelling.  This is just a short post (mainly) about our visit to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida a few years back.

Time for reflection

Life moves fast.  And it’s busy.  At the moment, for us anyway, it’s never been busier.  Finding spare moments is a very real struggle right now but because we believe in it so strongly we’ve had to fight to find and protect that time to do the things that we believe are the most important.

Maybe even more important right now.  This is, for us, an opportunity to take stock of things, look at where we are, appreciate what we’ve got and spend time together as a family.  One thing we’ve been doing as a family is recollecting our travel memories.  Looking back at photographs but also talking about our experiences.  And laughing, which is always good!  It’s so interesting hearing what the children do and don’t remember.

Looking back through old photos always makes us feel a range of emotions.  From the happiness and joy of remembering the fun we had to a touch of sadness of a time that’s now passed.

But reflection is an important part of life.  We think it’s good to look back at the things we’ve done, especially as a family.  Where we came from, where we’ve been, where we are now and how we got here.  They are the things that make us who we are.

Why we wanted to visit the Kennedy Space Center

Around this time several years ago we visited Kennedy Space Center.  And we absolutely loved it.  We’d wanted to go there for a long time.  This was where man first left this planet to walk on the moon!  Need we say more?  Beyond any travel experiences we’ve had or likely to have.

We’d seen and heard about Kennedy Space Center on American TV and films.  Cape Canaveral sounded so cool.  Growing up in the 80s in the UK all things American sounded cool.  And exciting!  And so far away.  It was one of those places we’d say we wanted to go one day.  And one day we got our chance.  So we grabbed it!

On our first trip to Florida we wanted to do as much as we could because we assumed it would also be our last.  How wrong we were!  We prefer not to go back to the same place because there are so many places we want to see.  But for us the pull of Florida and especially Walt Disney World is just too strong!

Anyway, because it was something we always wanted to do we booked a tour.

Getting to the Kennedy Space Center

We remember the bus journey being interesting as we got see a bit more of Florida.  Cape Canaveral is actually on an island so there were a few long bridges to cross.  The driver/guide was really funny and very informative.  He really did earn his tips that day.


Kennedy Space Centre Alligator

Our driver had warned us, and we did get to see an alligator going about it’s business in the wild.  At least one of us was scared we might get eaten as we stepped off the bus.

Kennedy Space Center Tour

When we arrived at Kennedy Space Center we were totally blown away by the sheer scale of these buildings.  Apparently the Vehicle Assembly Building is one of the largest buildings in the world by volume.  So vast that rain clouds form below the ceiling.  It therefore has its own weather system.  Yes, it actually rains in here! 

Painted on the outside of the building is the US flag.  The blue rectangle is the size of a basketball court and each star is 6 feet across. 

The bus tour was fascinating and to get up on the Launch Complex observation gantry with views of the launch site was a truly incredible and thought provoking experience.

Apollo/Saturn V Center

Back inside the Apollo/Saturn V Centre getting up close and personal with Apollo V was mind blowing.  Not just because of the scale but just to be so close to the largest craft ever flown.  We also got to experience a simulated launch from the Firing Room as a mission blasts into space. 

Rocket Garden

Kennedy Space Centre Rocket Garden

It was a really hot and sunny day when we visited.  Well it is Florida.  It was fascinating to walk around the Rocket Garden and see the scale of the incredible craft.


All in all our visit to the Kennedy Space Center was an incredible day out and one we’ll never forget.  We’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone interested in space, space travel or even history.  Or to anyone visiting Florida really.  

Our youngest certainly enjoyed it.  When we asked her if she’d like to go back she absolutely positively did.  Enquiring a little further we discovered this was so she could get another blue slushie.

Although we found this hilarious we were struck by her response.  Devoid of the concepts of time, distance and money.  As Yoda said ‘Truly wonderful the mind of a child is.’

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6 thoughts on “Kennedy Space Center”

  1. What a cool visit! I’ve never been to the Kennedy Space Center (I visited Johnson Space Center as a kid). I love places like this – it’s fun and educational. It also piques the imagination! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Too funny that your daughter just wants to go back for a slushie! I’ve been to Florida many times but never to the space center. Looks like a cool trip! Love that you guys are spending time reflecting on past travels. I feel the same though that things are even busier for me right now.

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