Dobby’s Grave

Dobby's Grave on Freshwater West beach

If you’re a Harry Potter fan and you’re visiting Pembrokeshire, you may be interested to know that the county is home to Dobby’s Grave.

That’s right!  You can visit the actual place where those heartbreaking scenes of Dobby leaving the Muggle world were shot. 

And, although the filming took place over a decade ago, there is still a shrine to the much-loved house elf at the location of his final resting place.  And what a location!

Read on if you would like to know exactly how to find Dobby’s Grave

Where is Dobby’s Grave?

Dobby’s Grave is actually on Freshwater West beach in Pembrokeshire.  Fairly remote, this can be a wild and windswept corner of Wales.  The power of nature is evident on a huge scale here.  Maybe that’s why it was chosen for such dramatic scenes.

As well as Dobby’s final moments, Freshwater West was the location of the ‘Shell Cottage’ scenes filmed for Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows parts 1 and 2. 

It was pretty special to see some of the filming for one of the Harry Potter movies. 

Shell Cottage was removed after the film crew packed up.  And nothing was left behind.

But it made the beach famous the world over and it’s now forever immortalised on the big screen.

How to get to Freshwater West Beach

Getting to Freshwater West beach is not easy.  It’s a good 15 minutes beyond Pembroke with it’s Castle.  And the closer you get the narrower the roads become.  So it will take some time.  Slow down and enjoy the journey.  This is a beautiful part of Pembrokeshire, with Bosherston, Barafundle, St Govan’sStack Rocks and the Green Bridge of Wales all nearby.  And they are all worth a visit!

Nearest Postcode: SA71 5AH

Map Ref: SR88184 00040

Where to park for Dobby’s grave

There is a decent size car park at Freshwater West right opposite the beach.  And it’s free!!

There are also public conveniences and changing facilities here which are very handy.

  • Map reference SR 886 995
  • Nearest Post Code SA71 5AH

How to find Dobby’s Grave

To find the exact location of Dobby’s Grave, firstly, cross the road from the car park 

and take the concrete path down onto the beach

Keeping the sea on your left, walk along the beach and after a few minutes you’ll begin to see stones high up in the dunes on your right.

You’ll need to climb up the steep, soft sand but it’s worth it!

This is the type of thing you can expect to see.

More info on Freshwater West

Dobby’s Grave at Freshwater West is approximately half an hour from the popular seaside resort of Tenby.

The nearest town is Pembroke. 

Freshwater West is on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path so it’s a great place to combine some walking.  If you’d like to do that check out our post on walks in Pembrokeshire and this book.  We’ve got the older version and found it brilliant when we walked the whole thing.  It’s battered, bruised and well thumbed but we still use it today!

We would always recommend wearing at least mid-ankle boots as a minimum on any Pembrokeshire walk as they can all be muddy, wet and/or rocky.  You don’t want wet feet on a long hike and you certainly don’t want to be twisting an ankle. We’re on our second pair of these by Salomon which says a lot about how good we thought the first pair was.

Whatever the length of your walk remember to carry the right gear and perhaps most importantly a map and compass.

Where to stay near Freshwater West

There are not many places to stay in Freshwater West itself.  But there are plenty of Campsites, B&Bs, guesthouses, hotels and self catering accommodation options nearby. 

Check to see what’s available.

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