Shopping locally at Christmas

Shopping locally at Christmas woodsend puddings

We like Shopping locally at Christmas.  And at any other time to be honest.  We always have done.  It’s something that’s always been important to us.  This year, maybe even more so.

If you’re in Pembrokeshire and also like shopping locally at Christmas we can thoroughly recommend  these great people.  There are good reasons for that.  They all share similar qualities which we value quite highly. 

They’re clearly passionate about what they do.  Maybe that’s part of the reason they’re so good at it.  They’re also a pleasure to deal with.  Friendly, courteous, polite and they always get back to you.  That’s pretty important.  Especially in Pembrokeshire!  We’re so glad we found them and we’re sure you will be too.

Rock ‘N’ Dough

Rock ‘N’ Dough is a micro bakery in Pembrokeshire, producing artisan breads, pastries and sourdough. 

That they are all handmade by a former head pastry chef at Narberth’s The Grove gives you an idea of the talent and quality involved here.  They say we eat with our eyes and these are like works of art.

You might think a croissant is a croissant but you would quite wrong.  We were.  These are on a different level.  The pastry itself is a real eye opener and the fillings…….. Well, we’ll let you be the judge of that.

Woodsend Christmas Puddings

From the way it’s packaged to the way it tastes, you can tell this is a quality product the moment you open it.  Subtle hints of cinnamon on the nose and a slightly citrussy taste mark this one out as different to anything else we’ve tried.  And we’ve tried a lot! 

You can see the care and love that’s gone into these and it’s obvious this is a special recipe.  Granny’s special Welsh recipe in fact.  Individually handmade in a Pembrokeshire farmhouse kitchen.  Does it get any more country Christmas than that?

Gethin’s Pembrokeshire Cyder

We’re not big fans of cider.  Except when it’s warm in the winter.  Or cold in the Summer! 😆 But this one is pretty special.  And it makes for a great Christmas gift.  In fact we’ve sent some to Somerset.  We know that’s a bit like sending snow to the Arctic but it shows what we think of it.  And we’ll be interested to hear the opinion of the recipients.

Made in the Preseli hills, each brew is unique, because Apples are different every year.  Using only nature’s own ingredients, Gethin’s backstory will tell you all you need to know about why this stuff is so good.

Taffybox Cymru

We were lucky enough to get our orders in with Taffybox before they closed their books for Christmas.  And we’re glad we got in there early on!  We think this is such a good idea.  Especially this year.

Full of Cymru goodness Taffybox offer a variety of boxes to suit all tastes.  And they deliver.  This year, more than any we’ve ever known, that’s a massive benefit.

They’ve now stopped taking preorders for Christmas 2020 which shows just how busy they’ve been.  Drop them a message though or keep an eye out on their Social Media channels for ad hoc availability leading up to Christmas. 

They open as usual in the New Year and will be running all sorts of specials to coincide with the calendar.

More Information

Rock ‘N’ Dough products are available from stockists in Pembrokeshire.  Contact them for details.

Woodsend Puddings are available for delivery everywhere within mainland UK.

Gethin’s Cyder is available from stockists all over Pembrokeshire.

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Do you like Shopping locally at Christmas?  We’d love to hear from you.

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12 thoughts on “Shopping locally at Christmas”

  1. It’s always great to promote local business. We are trying to do the same in France, and we usually end up with great products!
    Btw I had no idea cider could be drunk hot… I guess it’s something I should try this winter!

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