Post lockdown tour of North West Pembrokeshire

Coast path walks in Pembrokeshire at St Non's

A post lockdown tour of North West Pembrokeshire was high up on the list of the travel plans we made during lockdown in Wales.

The travel restrictions here were lifted at the start of this month which has meant an opportunity to put those plans into action.  Let’s not talk about it, let’s do it as one of us likes to say.  So we did.


When we head to anywhere on the North West Coast of Pembrokeshire, the first place we come into is Newgale.  And this is the sight that greets us.  And it always takes our breath away.  In fact, there are 2 very convenient and large laybys here and we always stop and drink it in.  We challenge you not to feel the urge to take a photograph.

Our first glimpse of the sea on our first Post lockdown tour of North West Pembrokeshire


Up the hill on the other side of Newgale and heading west, Solva is just less than 4 miles away.  Again, just driving into or even through here is a sight to behold.  It’s such a pretty place.  And, again, we find it hard not to stop even for just a short time here. 

Back up the hill the other side of Solva, still heading west, the road takes you to St David’s just over 3 miles away.

Parking  Free for 30 minutes. Charges apply thereafter


On reaching the City of St David’s our first port of call is usually Caerfai.  We’ve always had a bit of a thing about this place. In fact, it’s one of our favourite beaches in Pembrokeshire  The views from the cliff top parking ground are hard to beat.  Even if the weather is not great, or we’re on the clock, we may just park up here for a while to take in those views.  It’s also the start (or finish) of probably our favourite circular walk in Pembrokeshire.  Caerfai to St Non’s.  

Parking Free 

St Non's

As patriotic Welsh people this is a very special place for us.  Reputed to be the birthplace of the patron saint of Wales, St. David, it’s named after his mother, Non.  The crumbling remains of the original St. Non’s Chapel are here as well as the new small Chapel, built in 1934.  

It’s one of the most stunning locations for a chapel we know of and we’ve never seen it busy.  It’s so peaceful and calm.  We love it.  Also here is a Holy well which is said to have healing properties.

Parking Free but limited

St David's

On to the city itself and we always head first to the Cathedral.  Even though it’s hidden out of view from the main centre, it dominates our thoughts of the City.  If you’re lucky (as we were on this occasion) you may be able to park on the Pebbles right above the Cathedral.  We usually go in but there happened to be a service on and we didn’t want to disturb.  It was a beautiful day and not at all busy.  We think that may have been because everyone was on the beach at Whitesands or Abereiddy


Whitesands is a really nice beach with good facilities.  It also makes for spectacular sunsets.

We had planned to stop here for a while but the car park was full to bursting.  We didn’t feel comfortable with that or that we would be able to effectively maintain social distancing.  So we just turned around and headed to Abereiddy.  But that was even worse.  So we carried on to Porthgain.

Parking  Whitesands (between March and October) £5 per car.  Abereiddy £4 for the day.


From St. Davids, Porthgain is just under 8 miles and you can either take the main road (A487) or the slower B roads. 

Porthgain itself is a small village which still retains features of its industrial past.  Once upon a time, the harbour exported slate before it turned to brickmaking.

It’s a really interesting place in it’s own right with a couple of great places to eat.  The Shed and The Sloop.  But what we like to do is go off for a little explore.  Up the path to the right as you look out to sea you’ll come to a marker.  From here the views back into the harbour are really good, but the views up and down the coast out here are hard to beat.  It’s also a good place to start and/or end a walk to the Blue Lagoon (at Abereiddy­) but it is an hour each way.

From here we headed home quite tired but highly satisfied with our first Post lockdown tour of North West Pembrokeshire.

More info

This was just and overview of our first post lockdown tour of North West Pembrokeshire.  Again, we’ll be doing much more detailed posts about all of these places and more in Pembrokeshire over the coming weeks and months so check back to see what’s new.  

If you are visiting these places now or in the near future please be aware that social distancing rules still apply in Wales.  Please keep yourselves and others safe.

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10 thoughts on “Post lockdown tour of North West Pembrokeshire”

  1. Wales has been on my mind the last few days, as we just decided that Hinterland would be our next series to watch on Netflix. Your tour helped whet my appetite for some great scenery.

  2. Great post. I will be using it to find all these great spots when I visit Pembrokeshire. How far is the walk from Caerfai to St Non’s?

    1. Thanks Angie. Caerfai to St Non’s is a maximum of a mile. Probably a 20 minute walk, fairly flat with fantastic views all the way. Both places are beautiful in the own right. 2 for 1! This book is great for the Pembs coast path. Ours is a bit old and well worn now!

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