Making travel plans during lockdown in Wales

Making Travel Plans during lockdown in wales

We’ve been making travel plans during lockdown in Wales and this post follows on from our last one.  In that post we outlined the places we want to visit within Pembrokeshire as soon as the restrictions are eased.  We also said that when things start to open up a bit more, we’d like to visit places further afield but still in Wales.

These places range from 45 minutes to 2 and a half hours away from us and can all be done as day trips.  Those that are furthest away include lengthy drives through some of the most spectacular Welsh countryside.

Some of them may be places you’ll want to visit when the lockdown restrictions in Wales are eased.


The county of Ceredigion stretches along over 60 miles of coastline from Cardigan to Aberdyfi and includes some of the most spectacular drives in Wales.  Neighbouring Pembrokeshire, the county border is just 14 miles away from where we live.  Partly because of this we’re regular visitors to Ceredigion.  In fact, Cardigan is home to our nearest cinema so we’ve spent a lot of time in this lovely market town over the years.  Any drive North for us is an opportunity to take in what we consider to be one of the most spectacular drives in Wales.  The coast road from Aberaeron to Aberystwyth.

There’s plenty of other places we’ve visited in this county such as Devil’s Bridge and Cilgerran, but plenty we still haven’t.  One of those places is Gwalia Falls.  We mentioned in the previous post that one of us is a bit obsessed with waterfalls so this will make a great focal point for a trip which we also want to include a visit to Tresaith and a revisit Mwnt.

Both beautiful beaches, we’ve never been to Tresaith before but have heard great things about this coastal village with a small sandy beach.  Mwnt is somewhere we’ve been at least once a year for the past decade.  It’s a stunning secluded bay with a sandy beach where you can sometimes spot dolphins or seals.

Also in Ceredigion, but much further North, is Ynyslas.  This is a beach we’ve seen regularly in different media over the years but have never visited.  It looks stunning and perhaps the easing of restrictions will create the perfect opportunity.  This will be around a 3 hour round trip so we’re planning on doing it as a separate journey.


Also, neighbouring Pembrokeshire is the county of Carmarthenshire which runs 50 miles East from Whitland in the West.  Again, 14 miles from where we live we’re regular visitors and lived in Carmarthenshire for 5 years.  Any time we travel east we take the A40, the main road through the county.  Like Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion, there’s plenty of hills and rugged countryside but also a beautiful coastline.

And the coast is where we’re heading for our first visit since lockdown in Wales.  Specifically to Llansteffan Castle and then on to Laugharne.   Laugharne is somewhere we’ve been before and will visit again.  But we’ve never been to Llansteffan Castle.  And it’s only 25 miles or 45 minutes away!  So, depending on how the restrictions are lifted, this could be a perfect short(ish) journey to see something we’ve never seen before.  And that’s always a good thing.

When we really like a place, we often have the desire to revisit.  Sometimes actually doing so can be really good.  Sometimes it can be a mistake. 

But it’s hard to beat that rush of feelings brought on by visiting somewhere and seeing something for the very first time.

Our second trip planned is almost as far East as you can go in Carmarthenshire, to visit Carreg Cennen Castle for the first time, and revisit Llyn Brianne reservoir.

This will be a 5 hour round journey without the sight seeing so it’ll require a full day and we’ll only be able to do it when the restrictions allow us to travel up to 50 miles.  Still, we’re looking forward to it.  Near Llyn Brianne is the Gwenffrwd-Dinas RSPB Reserve with great woodland walks and a beautiful river and we also hope we have time for this.


This is the second part of our Making travel plans during lockdown in Wales series and includes what are journeys just to our neighbouring counties. They are all within 50 miles of where we live.  In the next part of our Making travel plans during lockdown in Wales posts we’ll be revealing the plans we’ve made for visiting the Vale of Glamorgan.  

We’re hoping that lockdown in Wales will be eased gradually and sensibly and if it is we’re planning on being sensible ourselves.  We should be able to socially distance in these places and if we really can’t we’ll simply view the beauty of Wales from the car.  Even to see these places from the relative safety of the car will be worth it and when we do we’ll be sharing our experiences right here with you.  In the meantime stay safe and take care. 

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