First mini tour of Pembrokeshire after lockdown

What we did the first week after lockdown in Wales

The travel restrictions in Wales were lifted last Monday and this meant an opportunity to get out and about.  So we grabbed it with both hands.  Starting on that very day.  For our first mini tour of Pembrokeshire after lockdown we headed straight for Newport as soon as we could.


Newport is only 9.4 miles away from us and we’ve been itching to get there for a while.  Especially when the weather was so good here in April and May.  But alas it was not to be.  The restrictions were eased to 5 miles and that wasn’t quite enough for us to get there.

Still, we are grateful that we’ve been able to get there now and we hope we’ll be able to many more times.  It was so lovely to be back near the sea.  To see it, hear it and smell it.  Even the sound of the seagulls was incredible to hear.

It’s the closest piece of coast to us and with 4 beaches you’re spoilt for choice.  We ticked off Cwm-yr-Eglwys and Newport Sands and it was easy to socially distance in both these places.  We’ll be heading to the other 2, Parrog and Pwllgwaelod as soon as we can.  Although we’re planning a trip to St David’s before then.

Gwaun Valley

Later on in the week we thought we’d take advantage of our new found freedom (and the weather) to get down into the Gwaun Valley.

The plan was to find the hidden waterfall.  But we didn’t!  We could hear it but just could not work out how to access it.  We realise this may sound a bit crazy but it’s absolutely true.  We completely circumnavigated it without actually seeing it!

We did enjoy the walk though and we met some of the local wildlife.

This is a pretty unique place and just the drive is beautiful.

Carew Castle

Talking of walking, our next port of call was the Bosherston Lilyponds walk.

But we couldn’t just drive by Carew Castle.  Not on this day.  When the tide is in and the sky is blue it makes for a beautiful scene.  And we just had stop and take it in.  And, as we always do when we see it like this, take a photo!


This really is a great walk.  And the one way system this made it more relaxing and concern free.  It’s fairly flat, with some steps, and has a few interesting bridges to negotiate.  As the waters are tidal one in particular can flood. 

There are loads of places to just sit and admire the beautiful views and wildlife and the lilys were just about out.  Which was great because we’d never actually seen them before.  Another first!

Bosherston itself is a quaint, small village with a church, a pub and tearooms. 

Broadhaven (South)

This is one of our favourite beaches in Pembrokeshire.  The walk from the Lilyponds brings you to the beach and out to sea you will immediately spot Church Rock – so named as it resembles a submerged church.  It was quiet when we were there but it was early.  This meant it was quite easy to stick to the social distancing rules in Wales.

For keen photographers out there Broad Haven (south) has been named a “Dark Sky Discovery Site”.

Green Bridge/Stack Rocks

A visit to the Green Bridge is always interesting as you get to drive through the Ministry of Defence Training Area.  The range is active for 44 weeks of the year and firing notices can be found on  Luckily for us the range was open.  Especially as we hadn’t checked before we went!

We absolutely love this part of the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path.   The views out to sea are as incredible as the rock formations – Green Bridge and Stack Rocks.  And we were blessed with near perfect weather.  

More info

This was just and overview of our first mini tour of Pembrokeshire after lockdown.  We’ll be doing much more detailed posts about all of these places and more in Pembrokeshire over the coming months so check back to see what’s new.  

If you are visiting these places now or in the near future please be aware that social distancing rules still apply in Wales.  Please keep yourselves and others safe.

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16 thoughts on “First mini tour of Pembrokeshire after lockdown”

  1. This sounds like an excellent location to visit post lockdown. I’d be interested in hearing about the history of these places in the future!.

  2. There are just some beautiful places in Pembrokeshire! Such great pics. And good to hear that you didn’t have any trouble social distancing.

  3. It seems all pictures you took can easily resemble one of the many Kyffin Williams great paintings. Ah the beautiful idyllic Welsh countryside. Allow us to dream until we get there 😉 Thanks for sharing this with us.

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